Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fact Twisting 101

Well, Mr. "Cristan" Williams wasted no time firing up his attempt at trying to make something out of a post that was basically none of his business, after a cyberstalker went to great lengths to invade my, and my daughter's privacy.  And of course, the nasty boys all rushed.  Now, Mr. "Dana" Taylor has joined the fray.

Of course, Mr. Taylor can't quite seem to figure out how to spin it.  In one post, he goes for blood, trying to make me out to be a violent person.  Again, unless one has full knowledge of the context of what my daughter wrote, and let me repeat this, it is not anyone's business but her's and mine, what that context is, they can find all sorts of meaning there that is, well, completely wrong.  But that's how Fact Twisting works.  You just make it up as you go.

Of course, that is all the nasty boys have.  I don't need to twist facts.  Mr. Taylor posts about how he is "lactating" and has been going at his, uh, "breasts" with an electric breast pump.  And he wonders that women would find that sort of behavior creepy?  Does he have a moment of retrospection and think, "Could this somehow be a warning sign of an issue I should deal with?"  Of course not.  He's a man, and men don't have moments of retrospection.  Instead, he goes on the attack, and tries to deflect attention from his perversion by taking advantage of someone's cyberstalking, and with no regard for the pain he is causing my daughter.  She is just collateral damage in the transgender crusade.

He focuses, in one post, on something he has no real knowledge of, but does not hesitate to make into something it was not.  This is classic of the transgender extremists.  The one thing they cannot abide is truth, especially if they can use a lie to further their cause.  Again, there are things that are really no one's business.  But, suffice to say, when one is hurting, one can cause others to hurt.  My daughter understands that now.  But that was in the past, though in the spirit of fact twisting, Mr. Taylor makes it out to be current.

And let me make it clear.  If anyone continues to mess with my daughter, they will be very unhappy.  I am not a violent person, but I will not hesitate to rely on law enforcement to deal with the situation.  And well, my son-in-law is not happy about what his wife is being put through.  

Oh, and as to "Satin Lacy," I have no idea who that pervert is, or was, or whatever.  Some years ago, I wrote a rather putrid bit of satire parodying the worst of several genres of transgender fiction.  My intention was to write something so bad, it might get people to think about some very real problems.  It was inspired by a member of the Alabama State Supreme Court, the chief justice, who would have jumped at the chance to execute people for being gay, and I would assume transsexual.  Unfortunately, people took it, not as a parody, but as what it was a parody of.  I got some very creepy emails, and I took it down.  Unfortunately, someone calling himself "Satin Lacy" had reposted it, and well, the obsessive creep who has cyberstalked me for years found it.  

Facts are not the transgender extremists friend, so, given a bit of truth, they can create a number of lies.  

Of course, the most common example of transgender fact checking is that any disagreement or challenge to the transgender idiocy is, of course, hate.  If you don't think that a man becomes a full fledged woman when he puts on a dress...you are a hater.  If you don't think men should be able to invade women's spaces, you're a hater.  If you are a lesbian, and you don't want to have sex with someone who is transgender, you are a hater. If you don't think men should be able to force lesbians to have sex with them, against their will, you are a hater.  If you disagree with even the smallest point, you are a hater.  Sort of makes any reasoning with them impossible.

Another major part of transgender fact twisting is the word "identify," which is sorely abused. Identity is given magical powers to change reality.  Simply claim you identify as a woman, whatever that is supposed to me, and you are mystically changed into one.  I guess if you identify as a dog, you should be rounded up and hauled to the pound, unless you are on a leash, and wearing a proper tag.  Give me a break.

Yes, at one time, I "identified" as a crossdresser.  That was back when, in spite of Mr. "Cristan" Williams' lies, there was no "transgender."  You were either a crossdresser, or a transsexual.  No much else, except perhaps "drag queen."  In truth, I simply knew how I felt, and I worked with the terminology available to me.  The important point is, identify isn't reality.  I remember many times reading stuff, and finding myself thinking, "No, that is not me."  But, I was the victim of bad information.  The same sort of information that some will now cite if it suits them.  

And an even more important point was, I was not a crossdresser.  No matter what label I mistakenly adopted, I learned the truth, something Mr. Taylor, and some others, are fighting hard to avoid.  

There was a time when therapists took things more seriously.  A good therapist still does.  But there is also good money in pandering to fantasies.  And while not universally true, as is claimed by some, like Blanchard and Bailey, a lot of transgender people do lie.  Mr. Taylor is quick to claim he has been "diagnosed" with gender identity disorder.  One wonders, has Mr. Taylor updated his therapist on his breast milk perversion?  I would imagine not.  A competent therapist would find that very telling.

Mr. Taylor claims he is on "planning" for surgery in December of 2014.  I hope he reconsiders.  We don't need another person who had the surgery, and then regrets it.  I regularly did reality checks pretty much right up to the day I left for the hospital.  I wanted to be sure, and I did the right thing.

And that brings us to the worst, most tragic example of transgender fact checking.  As I have said, I was a miserable person before I transitioned.  I was in a lot of pain, and that caused people around me a lot of pain.  I transitioned, and things changed.  In spite of the lies pushed by the nasty boys in dresses, my life improved.  I was able to deal with things that would have been devastating before.  My daughter and I are very close.  But, for so many, the exact opposite is true.  Men who had successful lives as men, suddenly become, for all practical purposes, mental health basket cases when they decide to pursue life as women.  And, being the kooks that they truly are, they think this is a good thing, because, after all, that is how they think women are.  

And they wonder why radical feminists despise them...

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Nicky said...

You wonder why Reality is not a friend to them. They whole existence is built on a house of lies and scams. All the live for is Lies and their whole life is built on one lie after the other. Which is why the Truth is something they can't seem to grasp or handle. Their whole lies are so fragile that, exposing it, they would lash out in very typical male behavior. It's very clear that people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen,and now Mr. "Dana" Taylor are very violent, extremist and bordering on terrorism.

Which is why Radical feminist are constantly exposing transgender extremist and their illogical fallacy. Their lies and scams are being exposed so often that people are seriously wising up to all their games.

The sad fact is that people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen,and now Mr. "Dana" Taylor are the reason why people like me have to get a gun to protect ourselves from these dangerous transgender extremist/kooks. They are using their Male behavior to threaten, bully and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them.

Which is why Law enforcement should be involved and should have put them under watch and possibly charge them with a crime. What they are doing in some states can be called a crime.