Friday, July 5, 2013

How Low Can He Go?

Well, like a true bully, Mr. "Cristan" Williams is at it again, still trying to go after  Victoria A. Brownworth, not because she actually did anything wrong, but because she is "a self-identifed radical feminist" who recognizes the reality that Mr. Williams, and his ilk has no business trying to force himself on lesbians.

First he goes after her because of her response to a transgender motorcycle gang who have threatened her.  Oh, but according to Mr. Williams, the letter was "respectful."  He really hasn't a clue...

He then actually went so far as to try to have her prosecuted for the article she wrote five years ago that he has been harping on.  Mr. Williams really does not take disagreement well at all.

Fortunately, the authorities in Philadelphia has declined to do Mr. Williams dirty work.

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