Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them...

You know, the transgender extremists would be downright comical if not for the very real harm they do.  They try to terrorize women who don't want to sleep with them.  And if you  expose the absurdity of their positions, they will relentless try to stalk you and destroy you.

I really should be asleep, but I have been engaged in a back and forth with Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen," on Twitter where he has tried to justify causing my daughter some serious emotional stress by invading her privacy.  And in the middle of his "pretending" to be sorry, he posted a link to the latest garbage from Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  

Someone, it is still not completely clear who, went on an obsessive expedition to dig up some dirt on me.  They managed to uncover a journal that my daughter had online almost ten years ago, during a time when she and I were estranged.  I am not going to violate either of our privacy, except to say that the primary source of the break in our relationship had little to do with my being transsexual, and far more to do with some very personal matters that, well, are not anyone else's business.  Nothing I am ashamed of, and in the end, the matter was resolved, and we are very close.

And I should note, this says a lot about Mr. Williams.  This person, who really is clueless about how he comes across, again, has no qualms about invading my daughter's privacy simply so he can create a distraction from the truth about his lies and absurd rants that I have exposed.  My daughter was very disturbed by what was done today, well now yesterday.  For  Mr. Williams, women are not a group he actually has anything in common with, just a nuisance to be swept aside in his pursuit of a goal.

During the time she wrote that we were not communicating, she wrote some things that were meaningful to her, but are also not very kind to me.  There is truth there, but not what Mr. Williams is trying to add to it.  Simply put, what she wrote is the portrait of a true transsexual at the breaking point.  I had struggled for years, in denial about being transsexual.  Yes, we all hear those heartrending stories about the "transgender" person who worked for 20, 30 years in a highly successful career as a man, before finally, either during a mid-life crisis, or worse, at retirement, "finally" (i.e. suddenly), after years of being a closeted crossdresser, realizes (okay, let's be honest...no longer gets the same thrill from his little hobby) that he is a woman, and transitions.  Yeah, I've heard it over and over....

It's true, my ex was the breadwinner.  I was, in effect, a housekeeper.  I stayed at home, and kept house, cooked,cleaned, and such.  It worked.  Yes, I had trouble keeping a job.  I was a miserable person.  I wasn't alway that great with money.  Not something I am proud of.  I guess I could have gone a different route, and drowned my sorrows in substance abuse, but that always seemed a bit absurd to me.  I spent money on books, and technology to a large degree.  I have always been a bit of a geek.

And yes, there was some abuse.  It went both ways.  I am not happy about it, but again, I felt trapped.  I was trying to be something I wasn't, and I acted the way I had seen my father act.  Not something I am proud of.  And yes, I could be rather rigid.  I felt like I couldn't have what I really needed (I had been convinced by bad information for years that transition was not possible for me) and I guess I expected everyone to be as miserable as I was.  Also, I wanted to protect my daughter from some of the mistakes I made, and unfortunately she made similar ones.  Again, I am going to respect her privacy and say no more.

So, what we have here, is Mr. Williams thinking he has found his ultimate prize.  Not that he cares...  He has something he can build a whole set of lies out of, and he is going for it with all he's got.  He also links to a post, which is by the person I rather strongly suspect is the source of the snippet from my daughter's journal, where said person proceeds to prove, once again, that there are lies, damn lies, statistics, and statistics in the hands of a vicious liar.  Said kook proceeds to take a few facts, and creates some pretty big lies. 

Did I have a number of email addresses?  Yes.  Was this part of some nefarious plot?  Nope.  I had accounts on Compuserve, AOL, Earthlink, and Genie (which he seems to have missed).  I also was on several BBSs, including Fidonet, and the Matrix (a local BBS at the time that was one of the first to offer real email).  Two of those addresses were with Bellsouth.  They changed the format.  One seems to be the same one twice, a couple are not even me, and the rest?  Well, back in those days, ISPs were not always reliable, and if you found the one you were using was not very good, you switched.  You know, back in the day, we did not have Gmail, or such.  Ironically, today, I have several email addresses.  Two primary ones, and some others that I use less often.  

And no, I did not pretend to be a "young boy hacker."  I never lied about my age, or pretended to be anything I was not.  But this is the pattern.  Make something up, throw it out, and move on quickly in the hopes that the reader doesn't think too much.  Like the bit about AIDS.  What I pointed out was, there were some cases that doctors could not figure out.  In some of them, they saved tissue, and after AIDS was discovered, they went back and found the virus in the tissue.  Patient died with the same symptoms, and had the virus present.  Was AIDS prevalent back then?  Clearly not.  But there were very rare cases.  A right wing conspiracy theory?  Huh?  Seriously...more like a geeky fact I came across, but twist it out of shape, and you have something you can run with...

Did I discuss my faith on a cyberpunk group?  Yes, but if you go back and take a look at the thread, I did not start the discussion...I just joined in to something that others had already started, and was on topic.  Funny how you are not told that.

And finally...did I post a huge number of messages on Usenet?  Well, yes....and no.  Again, lies, damn lies, statistics, and statistics in the hands of a vicious liar.  Back in the day, messages were often crossposted to numerous groups.  Responding to one message might result in it appearing, at least to Google's statistics, that you had post two, three, four, a dozen...  So, yes, in one sense I posted a lot of messages.  In another, I posted considerable less.  Yes, I was prolific, but not as prolific as someone would have you believe.  

Oh, and I saw the supposed claims about Nicky.  To be honest, they looked kind of bogus to me.  But I will leave that for him to address.

How can you tell Mr. Williams is lying?  Well, whenever he posts, tweets, or opens his mouth...chances are good he is.


Nicky said...

Very typical of Mr. "Cristan" Williams. Even Radical faminist such as GallusMag know all the games that Mr. "Cristan" Williams and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen like to pull onto people. It's why transgender kooks such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen are using their male behavior to stalk, harass, bully, intimidate and threaten anyone who disagrees with their delusions. It's why their the more dangerous ones that you have to be on guard and armed with a weapon to defend yourself against.

That's why kooks like Mr. "Cristan" Williams and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen are the reason why I have a pistol permit and carry a pistol to defend myself against these transgender kooks. They have become embolden, violent, and extremist. On top of using their male behavior and don't know any boundaries or don't respect people's rights to opinions and views. It's why I have advocated Radical feminist, lesbians and anyone who feels threatened to get a pistol Gun permit and defend themselves.

As for Mr. "Cristan" Williams digging up those comments, those are another one of his fabricated Lies that he likes to use to scare me into silence, but I know where he can shove those lies, up his ass. He's just another Dude trying to claim he's a woman with a dick. He will never be a woman,and even people like GallusMag know it.

On top of that Mr. "Cristan" Williams is also Anti Gay and Lesbian as well and tried to get Radical feminist labeled as a hate group all because women would not see him as a woman. He thinks, lesbians women, Radical feminist and Intersex people are hate groups because he thinks they interrupted his fantasy of trying to be a woman.

Here's the links:


Dana Lane Taylor said...

Jennifer. Read Nicky's comment here. Seriously? Packing heat to defend against us dangerous trannies? LOL. Look at what you have surrounded yourself with. You are at the bottom of the barrel right now. Please try and come up for air.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

We should all model our life after yours, right Jennifer? LOL..no really

sam smith said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog and I appreciate your point of view on gender politics and I find you to be a welcomed voice of reason and compassion. Thanks for your blog.
My heart goes out to you and your daughter, that is just pure and malicious harassment. I hope you can press charges. You are very brave to make this creeps crimes public.

Just Jennifer said...

Ah, Mr. Taylor, you really should behave yourself a bit better... We have seen Mr. Williams behavior. While it is possible that someone else made threats to certain women, and gave the appearance that they came from Mr. Williams, I seriously doubt they just made them up. Of course, misogynists such as him, and you, would love for people to assume that.

And I have to say, I am not the least bit surprised that you are so completely incapable of understanding simple English as to remotely think I am suggesting that you copy my life.

No, Mr. Taylor, what I would strongly urge you to do is to seek competent medical care, and quite frankly, to learn to live your own life. Because clearly what you have been trying to do, for far too long, is copy other people's lives.

I met someone like you many years ago. At the time, he had decided he was, for want of a better term at the time, a drag queen. Friend who knew him, spoke of how he had gone from one identity to another, trying to find a place where he fit in. And that this one, like all the others, was clearly not right for him. I don't know what ever happened to him, but I doubt it was very good.

No, that is what you should do, though I don't you have the sense to actually do it.

Nicky said...

I see now Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor is scared because he's afraid of people defending themselves, which is clearly a Right in the US Consitution under the 2nd amendment. Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor is scared of Radical feminist, lesbian women, Biological Women and Intersex people for standing up and defending themselves. He's scared because some people like me have a pistol permit to carry a pistol and have weapons for self defense. It's why you are seeing his scared comments here cause he's afraid of people standing up and defending themselves.

It's very typical of Transgender kooks/extremist such as Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor, Mr. "Cristan" Williams and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen to bully, harass, intimidate and threaten anyone who disagrees with their fallacy. They use their male behavior and male upbringing to intimidate anyone who disagree with them. Because of them, people have to take the step of arming themselves with a pistol and have a legal pistol permit to defend themselves. These Transgender kooks/extremist have brought it on to themselves and have forced people to defend themselves legally.

That's why Jennifer, I would just watch your back around these transgender kooks/extremist. They can be very violent and potentially unstable when you disagree with them.

Nicky said...

It seems that Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor, is trying for cyberbullying and cyberharasing. Since he's from my home state, I know a few people in high places that can put Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor, in his place. All I have to do his drop his name in front of a curtain person and things can change really fast for Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor.