Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Do Transgender Kooks Do Such A Lame Job of Lying?

I was about to turn in for the night, and on a hunch, I decided to take a quick look at Mr. "Dana" Taylor's blog, since he spent quite some time trying to harass me in the comment section.  Let's just say, it is quite absurd...

In a post entitled,  Dear Mr. Just Jennifer he says:
You have made me regret posting photos of my breasts and their functions on my site. I get this weird creepy feeling knowing you are paying so much attention to them. Kind of like a pervy man would. I posted the medical aspects of my breast development, not something for you to pant over. Please stop looking at my photos, creep. Thanks.
And learn how to read, idiot.

BTW, a few days ago, after starting high doses of Saw Palmetto, I actually began to lactate. It has since stopped because the herb made my head feel a bit funny. 
So, slowly introducing it now.
Not intentional induction of lactation.
This is what is know as "misdirection."  He assumes that people are too stupid to actually read what he posted in another entry.  Oh, and this references something I didn't do more than glance at.  Sorry Mr. Taylor, but I'm a straight woman.  I'm really not the least bit interested in your breasts, even if they are man boobs.

So, what is he directing attention away from?  What is that makes the above into a complete lie?  What shows who the real "idiot" is here?

This post entitled Quick Update On My Breast Development:

I have increased in size a bit but more noteworthy is that I have begun lactating! This did happen once before but it felt like a fluke. This time I used an electronic dual breast pump designed for expecting milk. The only changes I have made to my program is an increase in Puerana Minfica as well as a couple of days of Doperdomine.
I have removed the rather bizarre picture of his "trophy" milk...
If really just have to see it, follow the link above. 
But why you would, I have no idea. 
Not bad for a crossdresser, eh Mr. Jennifer Usher? Had to throw that dig in. I am done paying attention to the bigot and hate monger.
Now, I was curious.  I had never heard of Doperdomine, so I did a Google search.  Turns out he misspelled it (not that I had heard of the correct version either) and the correct name is 
Domperidone.  This is a drug that is not even approved in the United States.  It would have to be obtained through from another country.

Notice, both places make it clear, it is taken to increase lactation.  And thehe whole gist of the second blog post is that he "begun lactating!"  And that he got himself an "electronic double breast pump."   And that he thought the first time was just a fluke.  Yeah, sure, he didn't do it "deliberately."  Uh, huh...sure.  I mean, seriously, does he really think he is fooling anyone?  

No, I am not "paying so much attention to them."  I'm not "panting" over them (seriously, this sounds like even more of his autogynephilic fantasies).  No, I am simply pointing out what a complete and creepy pervert he is, and he is trying to scramble and save face.  The smart thing would have been to pull the posts.  Then, if he could have made a desperate attempt to claim they never existed, and hope they are not on the Internet Archive.  But, I guess he is too proud of his little trophy to do that.  So, he pulls this stunt instead.

Oh, and Mr. Taylor, there's your problem right seems I can read quite well.


Nicky said...

With Mr. "Dana" Taylor, he's misdirecting people and insulting not only you but me as well He's doing that because he doesn't want people to see his true perversion. He thinks his readers are too stupid or blind to see him misdirect them with insults and intimidation on other people. He clearly is showing his true male behavior and male mentality. He clearly is mentally unstable and clearly delusional.

Also, Gallusmag even out him as a man trying to be a woman. He tried to plagiarize and tried so hard to copy Gender trender. He tried to cozy up with Lesbian women and Radical feminist claiming to be a reformer, but in reality he was outed as an Autogynophile with a sick perversion for women and lesbian women Here's a quote from GallusMag's blog on Mr. "Dana" Taylor;

"Dana Lane Taylor, fetishistic sexual crossdresser for years, plagiarizer of GenderTrender posts celebrated by reformist “radfems”, who now claims to believe he is actually female, complains."


He even has a blog where he talks about raping women who won't accept him as a woman with this link

He even posted a comment on the advocate talking about how he cant's get past the real girl because he's a man. Here's the link

Also you can see from his schmuck FB page that he shows off his little trophy of his so called lactation
The Drug that he takes is illegal in America and I know a few good police officers and US Customs officers that would love to have a nice long, long talk with him on importing a banned drug

Dana Lane Taylor said...

Nicky, you are crossing the line here. You are accusing me publicly, of raping women via however, that was a project that was to fight misogyny on Facebook. I will ask that you retract that statement. That is libel and I will not tolerate that.

Just Jennifer said...

ROTFL! I doubt you want to open that can of worms Mr. Taylor....

Nicky said...

Oh Mr. "Dana" Taylor, you already whet their when you tried to cozy up with Radical feminist such as Gallusmag and Cathy Brennan. You tried so hard to be like them, to the point of copying Gallusmag's Gender Trender Blog. You tried to be like them when in reality you can never be like them or a Biological born woman. They exposed you as a Man who hates women and have a perversion for women.

It's why Gallusmag got whim of who you really are and exposed you as Autogynophile with a sick perversion for women. You tried to get your man boobs to pass as a female breast. On top of that Gallusmag and every radical feminist found out that you supported Rape and the cotton ceiling, all because your name "Dana Taylor" that you posted in Gender Trender linked to that rape website. It doesn't take a genius to figure out and back track those links. He posted in this site and you back track it to the rape site

Just Jennifer said...

Mr, "Dana" Taylor tried to post a mesage taunting another commenter. The message contained a link to Mr. Taylor's website that, I would assume, he has blocked me from seeing.

He does have this problem with being a control freak.

Therefore the message was rejected, since I could not determine if it might invade someone's privacy. Mr. Taylor can either resubmit a message without a link I cannot open, or better, perhaps he can stop obsessing over me.