Saturday, July 27, 2013

Random Items

There have been a few interesting things that don't quite rate individual articles, but which are at least worth mentioning...

The first comes from Mr. "Dana" Taylor, who has whole-heartedly embraced gender fascism, and the worst of transgender idiocy....

In his exceeding autogynephilic post Quick Update On My Breast Development, along with a photo of his "breast milk," and details about his medication, which includes a drug banned in the United States, he includes the following:
Not bad for a crossdresser, eh Mr. Jennifer Usher? Had to throw that dig in. I am done paying attention to the bigot and hate monger.
He then goes on to make me the subject of his next three posts, as well as adding a note to a comment on that particular article that identifies someone I have never heard of as Just Jennifer follower.  And I get accused of being obsessive?

Over at Transadvocate, Mr. "Cristan" Williams seems to be determined to prove what I said about him to be absolutely accurate.  I do believe he simply cannot control himself.  He is again obsessing about Victoria Brownworth.  His verbiage is downright hilarious...
And be warned, if you’re trans and point out any flaws in her logic, Brownworth will lie and publicly claim that you just want to rape and murder her. If you point out her fallacies on a blog, she’ll publicly lie and claim that her employer is in the process of suing you. If you’re not immediately silenced, she’ll again publicly lie and claim that she’s filed a police report against you. She might even trymisgendering you.
The only problem is, Mr. Williams is kind of short on facts here.  He hasn't pointed out any flaws in Ms. Brownworth's logic, he dismisses threats as false (without any evidence that they are other than his denials), he hasn't pointed out any fallacies, and he hasn't really provided any evidence that she did not file a police report.  As to "misgendering," I am sure that if Ms. Brownworth ever referred to him using female pronouns, she is certainly not doing it any longer.

But seriously, as if there were any doubt as to what his vendetta against Ms. Brownworth was about, he provides a lovely quote to remind us all...
If I were running MWMF, this is what I would say: No penises. No male privilege. No oppression of women. Just fun, music, dancing, celebration. Solidarity…. But if you can’t set your male privilege aside, as well as your penis, then MWMF is not the place for you, and your presence will harm other women… But Michigan isn’t about transphobia—it’s about maintaining a safe space for lesbians. - Victoria A. Brownworth, July 2013, Curve magazine
What really makes it all so funny is, this is not an unreasonable position, and actually seems to be far more moderate than hardline.  Now, I wonder what Mr. Williams has a problem with?  No penises?  No male privilege?  No oppression of women?  Clearly, Ms. Brownworth is open to those who are post-op attending MWMF.  But, that is not enough for Mr. Williams.  To him, it is women's space, and he wants in.  The real irony is, this reminds me of something from the Transsexual Empire, by Janice Raymond...
Transsexually constructed les­bian-feminists may be the first men to realize that “if you can’t fight them, join them.” In a short story entitled “The Women’s Restaurant,” by T. C. Boyle, which appeared recently in Penthouse, this point is well made.

The story begins by setting the scene in and around Grace & Rubie’s Restaurant and is written from the point of view of the voyeuristic narrator. “It is a women’s res­ taurant. Men are not permitted.. . . What goes on there, precisely, no man knows. I am a man. I am burning to find out.” The narrator then proceeds to caricature Grace and Rubie as butch and femme, as well as to relate his several attempts to gain entrance. After two unsuccessful endeavors, he goes to a department store, buys a pink polyester pantsuit, a bra, pantyhose, and cosmetics with which he makes himself up to pass as a woman. He gains entrance and is able to experience what he has been missing.

Here I was, embosomed in the very nave, the very omphalos of fur­ tive femininity—a prize patron of the women’s restaurant, a member, privy to its innermost secrets.. . . There they were—women—chew­ ing, drinking, digesting, chatting, giggling, crossing, and uncrossing their legs. Shoes off, feet up. Smoking cigarettes, flashing silverware, tapping time to the music. Women among women. I bathed in their soft chatter, birdsong, the laughter like falling coils of hair. I lit a cigarette and grinned. No more fairybook-hero thoughts of rescuing Rubie—oh no, this was paradise.
Having drunk six tequila sunrises and a carafe of dinner wine, the male intruder/narrator finds it necessary to re­ lieve himself, but forgets to sit down when he urinates in the rest room, at which point he is discovered by Grace. The story ends with his savoring of the triumph of temporary infiltration and a plan for permanent invasion.

I have penetrated the women’s restaurant, yes, but in actuality it was little more than a rape.... I am not satisfied. The obsession grows in me, pregnant, swelling, insatiable with the first taste of ful­ fillment. Before I am through, I will drink it to satiety. I have plans. . . . The next time I walk through those curtained doors at Grace & Rubie’s there will be no dissimulation.... There are surgeons who can assure it.
The first time I saw this story, I thought it rather odd.  I saw it in a copy of Penthouse that a friend had.  It seemed pretty outlandish, and I remember wondering why that magazine would print such a thing.  Granted, I always saw Penthouse more as trash than anything having any real literary quality.  But the idea that a man, who clearly is not being represented as actually transsexual, would undergo SRS, just so he could visit a women's restaurant, seemed, at the very least, to be quite laughable.

Then, I saw it again, when I first read Raymond's book.  Again, I thought it an absurd story, and its inclusion only served to further discredit the excesses of Raymond's views.  

Then, in more recent years, I have come to experience the idiocy of people like Mr. "Dana" Taylor, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, and Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  Back in the 1970's, when I first read this, I had never met (as far as I was aware) another transsexual at all.  In the 1990's, when I began my transition, I knew several, but none (at that time) were anything like this.  One, Mr. Dallas Denny (again, that is his birth name) turned out to be a very bad example of this, but he was keeping that aspect of his personality well hidden at the time.  

I now wonder, were people like this around in 1978?  Were they more hidden, without the Internet to amplify their perversions?  Were they kept in check by the more rigid system of gender clinics that were the primary gateway to surgery?  Well, there was one good example, Renee Richards.  But now, they seem to be a growing phenomena.

Sorry, I guess that was enough for a separate article after all....

Anyway, moving on along...

I got into a rather nasty flame war (well, at least that is what it deteriorated to) on Twitter with someone who calls himself @AliceAnneRipley.  At first, I actually thought this person might be legit, though somewhat caught up in transgender silliness, but after a few exchanges in which I tried to get them to actually think, rather than spout the TG party line, they finally got angry and the truth came out.  The last I saw, he was still a bit obsessed two days later.  On top of that, I got a phishing message from him, that tried to steal my password.  At first I thought it was a really stupid move, but I have noticed that his account is being used as a spambot, so I suspect he has had his account compromised.

Finally, I want to call your attention to an excellent post at Notes from the T side entitled 
Transgender Activists and Stealth.  I had been considering a post on that topic myself, but hey, Elizabeth's is excellent, and I don't know that there is anything more that needs to be said.  If you haven't seen it, take a look.  

Finally, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, has posted another hilarious post over at LGBT Weekly.  This one, entitled Sex appears to be easily definable, but it’s not is an attempt to argue the transgender doctrine that sex and gender are totally and completely separate.  If that were true, then half of all males would have what we currently would call a female gender, and half of all females would have what we call a male gender.  Simple statistics.  Clearly, gender and sex may be two different things, in the sense that sexual differentiation of the body and sexual differentiation of the brain are two separate events that take place at different times during development, but they are still closely linked.  The vast majority of males have a male gender, and the vast majority of females have a female gender.  And, the wiring of one's brain is essentially immutable, as shown by people like Mr. Williams who has a clearly male psyche, even though he claims to be a "woman," or more properly, a "trans woman,"  You can change your clothes, you can change your name, you might even get carried away and change your body, but if your brain is male, it will remain male.  

Well, that wraps up this look at some random bits from various sources.  I hope you find them interesting, and maybe have learned something.


Dana Lane Taylor said...

OMG you are so pathetic. I would cry but can't stop laughing. lol. no really, I love that you pay attention to me and my boobs. Thanks.

Again, all trans women should follow you as an example of womanhood right? You are a pathetic loser. Why would anyone want to be like you?

Just Jennifer said...

Ah, Mr. Taylor, so you decided to come here and insult me. Well, I am glad I was able to bring some humor into your pathetic life.

Seriously, I have heard of rare cases where a transsexual, or even a transgender such as yourself, has had lactation result from hormones, but you are actually the first kook I have seen who actually has taken medication to induce lactation, and (this is the really hilarious part) invested in "an electronic dual breast pump." Wow! Now that is dedication to being an autogynephile. And you mention it happened once before, but "felt like a fluke."

Do you really think this is normal? Do you not see that you are a very disturbed man who is in serious need of psychological help? But hey, again, thanks for dropping by.

And, oh, by the way, I have never claimed to be an example, or that anyone should follow me. I am, quite simply, just one of approximately 3.14 billion women in the world. Nothing special...but then I don't take drugs and such to make myself lactate. I guess that make you, da' Man!

Nicky said...

Ah, Mr. "Dana" Taylor acting more like Mr. "Cristan" Williams. He's getting more delusional than ever. He's so typical of M2T's who claim to be a woman. When he's more like a man with a sick fetish for all things women. He's basically your Transgender kook/Extremist with a severe case autogynephile.

It's why Mr. "Dana" Taylor is a mentally unstable man with a fetish for women. He clearly needs serious psychological and mental help. He's clearly a danger to himself and everyone around him.

The sad fact about Mr. "Dana" Taylor, is that he will never be a woman no matter how hard or how much he tries. He will be nothing more a biological Man with a penis wearing a dress. He's nothing more than an example of a mentally unstable autogynephilia that goes unchecked by mental health professions.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

I didn't try to induce lactation. It happened all by itself. Learn how to read. And Nicky, go change your diapers.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

Jennifer, you do know Nicky is the one who has the actual sick fetish, right? He has plastic fetishes, diaper fetishes..all kinds. You are seriously making yourself look like a fool letting him hang out on your site. Just saying. But , what ever floats your boat. If you like diaper fetish people, more power to you.

Just Jennifer said...

Talk about pathetic...lying is not very bright Mr. Taylor. The remark about it being a "fluke" before, as well as the drugs you mention taking, one of which is ONLY good for causing lactation. And the part about the "electronic double breast pump." Sure it wasn't deliberate....uh huh, yeah.... You know, I have heard of poor reading comprehension, but in your case, it is clueless writing. You made it clear that it was deliberate, and posted a photo of your, uh, "trophy." So, really, don't come in here and try to insult people's intelligence. You, shall we say, put your foot in it on this one,

And don't make it worse by imitating Mr. Williams and trying to misdirect people by insulting another commenter. It wouldn't be so bad if you and your ilk were not so completely clueless.

Nicky said...

So typical of Mr. "Dana" Taylor. He's copying Mr. "Cristan" Williams in insulting people and trying to misdirect people. Mr. "Dana" Taylor is as male as they get, no matter how hard he tries to be a woman. He clearly doesn't have a clue and wouldn't know if it was thrown in front of him. Clearly Mr. "Dana" Taylor is a mentally unstable autogynephile that needs professional help and people like him are a threat not only to themselves, but to people around him. He's clearly acting more male than female, though he will never act, behave or look like a female. He's nothing more than a Man with a penis in a dress

Just Jennifer said...

Again, you try to distract from your perversion. I would pretty much ignore yours, except you are trying to do serious harm to women, both those born women, and those who have a transsexual history. I know you have your feelings hurt because the lesbians don't like your penis, and don't want to have sex with a male, but I have to say, they did us all a favor. They exposed you for what you really are.

As for Nicky, I have seen claims made against him by people with something to gain, and I have seen denials from him.

I have, however, seen the classic tendency to try to find meaning in stuff that is not even reasonable. Someone posts here, who I have never heard of, and rather than admit that one more person might be a supporter, that person is labeled a sock puppet. Nope, I don't play that game, though I have caught some of yours doing exactly that. Like the person who has been posting on different blogs using different names, but is too stupid not to slip up and comment about something said about them under another name... And that person was, if I recall correctly, the one who came up with the sock puppet claim. Hmmm, might they actually have created such a post so they could attack it? Gives new meaning to "straw man." I don't know. Personally, I felt the post in question was a bit odd, so I did not reply to. But nope, not a sock puppet. I leave that sort of tactic to the boys and their competitive nature,

Nicky said...

It's clear that Mr. "Dana" Taylor. trying to distract people from his perversion by insulting other people and misdirecting them. he's clearly trying to deflect people from seeing his true perversion.

You can thank GallusMag for exposing Mr. "Dana" Taylor as a Man who have a sick perversion for women. Gallusmag exposed Mr. "Dana" Taylor as a man because he tried to cozy up to Lesbian and Radical feminist. I have heard that he's been trying to get lesbian women to have sex with him. They found out who Mr. "Dana" Taylor is and exposed him as a man with a penis wearing a dress.

Now that, he got exposed as a man that he is, no radical feminist or lesbian woman will ever want to have sex with pervert, Mr. "Dana" Taylor. That's why every radical feminist from Gallusmag down to Cathy Brennan know that Mr. "Dana" Taylor is not a woman, but a man in a dress with a sick perversion for women. He's been.

His attempt to distract people by insulting me is very male of him. Men typically do that because they don't want people to see the truth, reality or their true perversion. People such as Mr. "Dana" Taylor, resort to their male behavior, male upbringing and male mentality when society doesn't pander to their mental illness. This why Mr. "Dana" Taylor tries so hard to act like a woman, but in reality behaves like a man when he distracts people by insulting someone else. He is very unstable and seriously needs professional help before he harms a lesbian woman or a biological woman.

JS said...

I Googled Diana Lask and got this...

just curious

Just Jennifer said...

Two different people. The person who doe that site knows better but prefers to stir things up.

Nicky said...

It looks like Mr. "Dana" Taylor is trying to spread his perversion for women on the campus of the UPENN. I wonder how women feel about having a man who has a sick perversion for women.