Friday, July 5, 2013

The Sad Case of Dana Lane Taylor

Dana Lane Taylor, who at one time identified as a "transsexual separatist" has now embraced the transgender cause, and is Mr. "Cristan" Williams' latest BFF.  A lot of people are amazed at this turn around.  

Taylor is concerned about now being attacked by former friends.  Nope, though I do feel pity for this sad individual.  Clearly Taylor has a very fragile self-identity.  Taylor apparently embraced both "transsexual separatism" and "radical feminists" in order to feel like a "real woman."  The key word there is "feel like."  

You either are a real woman, or you are not.  Mr. "Cristan" Williams, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, Mr. "Monica" Helms, Mr. "Monica" Roberts, and others are not.  They really don't identify as women, but as some odd creature they call a "transwoman."  Oh, they say, "Transwomen are real women," but that is simply laughable at best.  Women are women.  No qualifiers.  They don't want to be women, they want to be "women with penises."  Even if they make the mistake of having SRS, they have an overwhelming need to cling to their maleness.

No, I am not going to attack Taylor, though I will speak out if Taylor starts saying stupid stuff in support of the transgender cause.  It would just be cruel right now.  This person clearly needs serious help, and I fear all creeps like Williams and Sandeen will do is take advantage and make things worse.

I don't need people's acceptance to be a woman.  That is why Taylor fell into a trap.  Taylor cozied up to the radical feminists, who I consider to often be as extremist, in their own right, as the transgender kooks, and then, on discovering that they were not fully accepting, had an emotional crisis.  

Funny how that works.  You tell a bunch of people, who basically hate men, "Hey, I 'was' a guy," and then you get upset because the say, "Sorry, but we don't see you as a woman."  If you are a woman, fine.  But it is not an "identity" you adopt.  I fear Taylor has discovered, the hard way.


Rosenkreuz said...

And that's why I say a pox on both their houses. I don't blame Taylor though either, many people need external confirmation and acceptance of their identity, and since the radfems denied that, she jumped into the waiting arms of the transgenderists.

Just Jennifer said...

The more I have read what Taylor has written, the more I see that Taylor was just another crossdresser who got carried away. Taylor is now one of the "They will take my penis when they pry my cold dead fingers from it," crowd.