Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cooke the Kooke Goes Off the Deep End

Well, Suzan Cooke has really gone loopy this time.  A person didn't even really disagree with Cooke, and Cooke still went ballistic.  Cooke actually disagreed with Mr. "Monica" Roberts, the leading gender fascist bigot, when Mr. Roberts basically demanded that everyone be "out, loud, and proud." And someone, well, actually thought they were agreeing with Cooke, but no, Cooke went off the deep end...

Here is what the person said, in response to Cooke's basically disagreeing with Mr. Robert's demand that all transgender people must be out (and remember as a fully blown gender fascists, Mr. Roberts presumes to include all transsexuals as transgender, even though he really, really hates the post-op ones, especially if they are white....okay, Cooke is an exception, because Cooke is so racked with guilt for being white, and fawns all over Mr. Roberts):
Yes more “out and proud” exultations; I get tired of being told I’m Doing It All Wrong.
And people like Dana Taylor who has seen the one true transgender light* and renounced being just another woman in favour of jumping onto a virtual Pride carnival float with all the flouncy men. How long until her new friends start tearing her apart?
Of course, "Dana" Taylor, who deluded himself into thinking he was not only a transsexual, but a separatist one, has now "seen the light" and decided he really, really loves his penis, and realized that means that lesbians don't want to have sex with him, has decided to join the transgender extremists, since they, presumably, will have sex with him, while claiming that they are really all lesbians in good standing, even if they all still have penises.

Cooke's response?
Being transsexual doesn’t require one to be an ass**** towards transgender people. HBS holes are like KKK/Nazis who think being white requires white people to be racist bigots like them. So far I haven’t met an HBSer who lived up to their bull**** standards. Most are keyboard warriors donning an imaginary avatar uniform to spread bigotry. (sorry, but I am not going to repeat Cooke's profanity)
Hmmm, this is true.  I have even said that a person can be a transsexual, and choose to identify as transgender, if that is what floats their boat, though I cannot imagine why anyone would be so stupid.  But, apparently, in Cooke's brain-damaged delusions, being transgender does require one to be an ass**** towards transsexuals.  Now, apart from the Godwin's Law violation, and the silly delusions (the only standard I have ever seen from the HBS advocates was that one either have had surgery, be living a successful life, or that they be serious seeking it.  But such details such a facts are lost on an insane person, such a Cooke.

Now, it get's worse.  This person had the audacity to disagree with Cooke's portrayal of her.  I mean, the nerve of some people.  Cooke has spoken, and no one should question the absolute truth of the great and powerful Cooke.
Blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard the song too many times. Learn a new one or go play in traffic. I have better things to do than sit here moderating your stupid boring posts. 
Step away from your key board and take off your dress, play time is over. 
The fantasy trannie HBS princess game bores the crap out of me.
I would say that this was the end of any respect I had for Cooke, but that happened a long time ago.  Now, I just see Cooke as basically an insane person, ranting, and trying to live out some bizarre delusion of importance.

I won't bother quoting the next person's comment, or Cooke's rather hilarious diatribe about being a pioneer and all.  If you really are interested, or just need a good laugh, and yes, it is hilarious, follow the link about.

And, one more a pit bull, Cooke can't let go of this one...  There is another post here, that is even more insane that the one I wrote about here.  Simply put, for the most part, the only person ranting about HBS is Cooke.  The rest of us have pretty much gone back to using the term "transsexual."  Not Cooke's laughable "Women Born Transsexual," just transsexual.  And nope, no one has to make up an lies about Cooke.  The truth is plenty damning enough.  Oh well....


Elizabeth said...

I found the comments interesting and it is the same bullshit Suzan has been spouting since she had the brainstorm, NOT, to think someone would actually like to read about her life as a radical anarchist anti-American dipshit born transsexual who ended up a hopeless drunk and drug abuser but was rescued by Tina her partner.

The real pitbull in the partnership is Tina but then Tina was in her late 60's or even 70 before SRS but of course always knew she was transsexual.

I got into a beef with Suzan and I was called a Nazi racist HBSer which is ironic since I ws never a proponent of the HBS group because the TG loons were already there. I read one article where one of them declared they should have a rule that HBS meant one should be asexual and then there was the outright homophobia of one 60+ nitwit claiming to be a classic Type VI.

Did you know Suzan is so freaking dense she does not realize transgender represents transvestites. That comment was made to me in an ongoing argument on her site. Tina then chimed in about her lifelong attendance at gay clubs as if that had some relevance. It was quite bizarre and a clear indication of the damaged brain cells Suzan has from over indulging in every know substance one can abuse from drugs to food.

Tina is another case. You might enjoy checking how long Tina and Suzan have been together and how their "lesbian" love affair was one where a penis was involved for quite a while but of course in their fantasy world it was a large neoclit.

They are typical of the self appointed leaders of anarchy and the liberal elitists who believe only what they say is the truth and what others say is hate speech and bigotry primarily because it opposes their myopic view of the world.

Just two extreme nut jobs living together with pictures of their beloved favorite communist dipshit who failed miserably while making an asshole like Hitler look like an amateur at genocide.

Mommy took care of Tina and now Tina is Suzan's daddy taking care of her.

Just Jennifer said...

I first encountered Tina on Cooke's "Women Born Transsexual" mailing list. Yes, "pit bull," sounds about right. I did not, however, realize that person was that old at the time of SRS. I had heard that Tina was a late transitioner but did not know it was that late.

I'm not sure which HBS group you encountered, but that is sad. I was part of one that was quite different. The one I was part of accepted that a person could be a true transsexual or HBS and be a lesbian. I mean, no one would suggest that, for want of a better term, women born women who are lesbians are not really women...

That was part of the problem. A lot of people took up the term, and the meaning became muddled. The original idea was to basically replace the concept of a classic transsexual with a new term that would not have associations with either transgender, or the porn industry (at one time, if you searched for "transsexual" on Microsoft's first search engine, that was what you got..."transsexual porn" and you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky....)

Nothing about Cooke would surprise me. I first encountered the insanity on the old group.

I have heard bits and pieces about Cooke, and I have long suspected things were as you describe. To be honest, as much as anything, I pity Cooke. It is obvious this person has had a rather hard life, and is really damaged emotionally. But, I also cannot say that Cooke is not more than a little responsible for a lot of that.

Elizabeth said...

Well Jennifer as a retired individual with spare time when people like Cooke or others give me shit I go back and spend time reading their entire blog. I am a speed reader so that helps but you learn interesting things.

I have a friend in England, she is mad at me now, who was young like me but is bisexual and primarily lesbian. Sexual preference is different from sex identity.

I have a friend who was in the hospital when both A.E. Brain and Tina had their SRS in Thailand in the not too distant past.

I had issues with both Susan Cooke and Susan of Enough Nonsense. I don't push around easily and that was and is an issue for both although I had a lot of common ground with Enough Nonsense but that didn't seem to matter. I have also read Enough Nonsense from stem to stern. Very Interesting. She was scared off by Autumn Sandeen.

I find Monica Roberts to be a total joke. Roberts is like the She-Male porn star trying to claim the men that suck her dick are straight. Straight men do not suck dick unless they have a gun at the back of their head.

I know little of Williams but I assume Williams has not had SRS either. I find it amazing the dipshits claiming to represent transsexuals but then again there are a lot of dipshits in the TG world and some have even had SRS.

I let go of being transsexualism 1971 after my SRS in January. I honestly never really thought about the past a whole lot but then I was kind of busy living.

How the heck can you survive in education in San Francisco?

Just Jennifer said...

I am impressed. Cooke has produced a rather large volume of posts, though most are just filler reposted from other sources.

Exactly...though some cannot understand that. There are a few who think that anyone who does not prefer men is somehow illegitimate.

Ah, now that is interesting. That answers several questions. I did get more than a few laughs from Brain's "spontaneous sex change" claims.

Susan of Enough Nonsense was always a puzzle to me. We seemed to essentially agree on many points, but that person seemed to have a deep hatred for me. Funny thing was, I had no idea who that person might be, or why. I knew someone had apparently blackmailed her into leaving, but was not sure who. Sandeen is a nasty piece of work when he wants to be. He tried some similar stuff with me, and got laughed at.

And yes, that pretty much sums up Roberts. I have encountered that sort of mentality, and it always amazes me.

I have seen Williams claim to be "post-op" but he has never stated what "op" he is "post." I have a suspicion it might be FFS. A lot of that ilk seem to think that's what counts...

Back in the day, I was very active on Usenet. There was a core group of posters there who attacked pretty much everyone else. At the time, I was struggling with several issues, and I got put through the wringer by them. It turned out that two of the nastiest, who claimed to be post-op, weren't.

And yes, I have known some who have had SRS who really shouldn't have. Early on, I was part of a group in Atlanta that included someone who went on to become a well known TG activist for a while. The name still pops up. This person had surgery and a lot of people said it was going to be a mistake. Clearly, it was.

Outside of this blog, I don't have much involvement in transsexual or transgender issues.

I'm not in education. I worked in research at a major university for a while, but that was a few years ago. I prefer to not discuss my career path for obvious reasons.

San Francisco is a strange place. In some ways, I love this City. There is a lot of history here, and I have some very good friends. On the other hand, the city government is very corrupt, and there are changes that are rapidly destroying what makes San Francisco great. Which is kind of ironic. The people flooding in are going to realize they have created a place unlike what I assume is drawing them.

I have considered moving, but as I say, I have good friends I would miss. And I would miss the wide range of cultures one finds here. As someone has said, you can 'eat" in a hundred different languages here. But, strangely enough, you can't find steak and kidney pie. For some reason, actual English food is relatively rare.