Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just WHAT is Mr. "Cristan" Williams So Afraid Of?

I just noticed where Mr. "Cristan" Williams is bragging over on Transadvocate about how he got a radfem bounced from Twitter and also had her blog shut down.  In fact, Mr. Williams devotes a major about of his time towards trying to silence anyone who disagrees with him.  And on top of that, he posted his little trophy under "humor."  I guess he thinks letting women know who's boss is funny to him.

In fact, trying to silence anyone who dares disagree with him seems to be a major endeavor of Mr. Williams.  He maintains tight control over who can post replies on his blog.  When I first encountered him, I got into a debate with him on his personal blog, and I quickly realized that he is extremely intellectually dishonest.  He tried, repeatedly, to use logical fallacies, and dishonest debating techniques to narrowly define the parameters of the debate to his advantage.  I refused to allow him that control, and he quickly banned me.  He then posted about "the Jennifer Shuffle," his mocking term for my refusal to allow him a dishonest upper hand.

He has been both dishonest, and quite vicious in his ad hominem attacks on opponents.  His ongoing war against Victoria Brownworth, and other women who do not share his rather absurd opinions.  Mr. Williams is on a crusade to crush this source of dissent from the transgender idiocy.  Ironically, his approach is remarkably similar to one of the cartoons from the website he gloats about that was removed.  Men accusing women of making up rapes, or in this case, threats of rape.

And given any opportunity, he will resort to the most vicious, and dishonest, of ad hominem attacks.  If he finds the slightest flaw, it suddenly becomes a major defect.  Even if that flaw is a figment of his imagination.  Or, perhaps, something manufactured to provide a basis for a lie.

But just as striking as the viciousness shown to his opponents is, something else is equally striking...the absence of any logical arguments.  Oh, Mr. Williams will carry on for days when someone declines to be suckered into one of his dishonest debating forums.  No one with a shred of sense would agree to that.  But Mr. Williams will only debate when he controls the forum.

So, what is the bottom line here?  It brings us back to the original question...what is Mr. Williams so afraid of?  Why does he work so hard at misdirection?  Could it be that the truth is the one thing he fears?

Like how he totally rejects the concept of male privilege, but then invents an imaginary "cis privilege" which he throws out every chance he gets?  Sort of a red herring, one might say.  Or how he is so quick to claim that Victoria Brownworth has filed a false report against him, but he encourages others to do exactly that.  Not, of course, that he would be stupid enough to risk it...but he hopes someone will do his dirty work for him.  

Transadvocate, the website he is now editor of, has numerous examples of his approach.  In the past three months, he has obsessed over what he terms "TERFs" or Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists.  He has devoted article after article, not to actually refuting their logic, but to tossing ad hominem on top of ad hominem in an attempt to bully them into silence.

And when Mr. Williams does attempt to make an argument, it is pretty much inevitably a miss-mash of several logical fallacies.  From straw men, to the bandwagon fallacy, he pretty much runs the gamut.  He cherry picks his authorities, and jumps at a false cause.

Oh well, I guess when you are defending the indefensible, you don't have much else you can use.

Update:  Wow, the "ink" wasn't even dry on this post before Mr. Williams did it again...

In a headline article titled The TERF Empire Declares War Against Trans People Mr. Williams cranks up the rhetoric and rolls out a number of logical fallacies.  This, uh, "declaration of war" is actually a rather well written letter sent to Mr. Dallas Denny (no need to put his name in quotes since that is his male, birth name.  The last I heard, the middle name is still Henry.) that points out a pretty solid strategy for dealing with the task of "...questioning transgender as a valid political movement..."  

So, what horrible crimes do these war-declaring, uh, TERFs, plan?  Well, here is an example:
Ideologically, as educators and women, some feminist, others not, we see the classroom as an open space designed for the investigation of controversial ideas and a forum to embrace our commitment equally to academic freedom, women’s rights and free expression. Our students deserve no less from us. These freedoms that we exercise (even if it really pisses you off) are above all sacred. But so too is teaching, and helping students to make sense of what is going on in the world. We highly doubt any student is so profoundly unsophisticated or uncritical as to accept the canard of hate speech that you attempt to make. Students know bulls**t when it presented. These undergraduates will arrive at more honest and apt conclusions simply by drawing facts into the conversation. In other words you do not get an opportunity to lie like a rug on our watch. We will dismantle the basic claim of “transgender” oppression. Once exposed the list of fraudulent claims that follow falls apart.
Wow!  No wonder Mr. Williams is so furious...  They are doing the one thing he fears...exposing his claims to the light.  Ah, but it get's even better:
In the classroom the first order of the day will confront the ever ubiquitous over used manipulative claim of “transphobia”—which sounds hollow when students see that the primary victims are natal women who happen to hold opinions and write things that you and others do not happen to like. Again we will address, why? The claim of transphobia, once undressed and parsed is revealed as a bullying and shaming tactic used specifically against natal women. A point-by-point analysis of all the false analogies will speak to the ever-worsening manipulations of a misogynistic movement. The classroom will be a platform to pursue truth, and students will have opportunities to check facts and question the use of statistics and finally realize that movements lie and some are bigger bulls**t masters than others.
I had intended to mention how Mr. Williams trots out "transphobia" ever time someone disagrees with him, but I forgot to.  But, they didn't. 

Oh, and this part is also quite good:
We are not using anything by which any our identities are accessible to you or any other person that has demonstrated a past inclination and criminal like pathology to threaten or slander women. You both have demonstrated this pathology clearly. This is not only a logistical decision; the choice is made in consideration of our physical safety—yes “die cis scum” has a kind of scary ring to it. Simply put, we’re “stealth”. We’re confident that you realize this piece of correspondence is not meant in anyway to be interpreted as part of dialogue. It is meant to let you know that you just secured Sheila Jeffreys another generation and your attempts to censor her are a case study in: the reach exceeds the grasp. By the time we are done the transgender movement and those names attached will be more accurately seen as like carnival hucksters and boss man thugs and Sheila Jeffreys will drop a note on personal stationary thanking you for the spike in sales.
I can't say as how I blame them at all.  Both Mr. Denny, and Mr. Williams can be rather scary. They both seem too smart to actually be linked to a threat, but they are more than willing to have an anonymous cohort do it for them.

You can read the entire letter here.  And you really should.  Read it, and read Mr. Williams' totally absurd article that makes it sound like the, uh, TERFs are planning a lynching party or something.  

A funny thought...  Mr. Williams has put a lot of effort into having the, uh, TERFs, declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Read the letter, and imagine that this was the sort of tactic used by, oh, say...the Ku Klux Klan, or other, REAL hate groups.  I don't know about you, but I think if they did, the world would be a much kinder, and gentler, place.


Nicky said...

You wonder why people like Mr. "Cristan" Williams are a threat not only to themselves, but to the people they encounter online. People like Mr. "Cristan" Williams seem to have an extremely hard time grasping reality and the truth. They seem to live in a bubble and a fragile bubble.

One thing that people like Mr. "Cristan" Williams are showing, is how violent, extremist and threatening they are to people. They are showing how they can't seem to accept disagreements or accept other people's views and opinions. That's why they stalk, harass, bully and intimidate anyone that disagrees with them In the end all it's showing people, how mentally unstable people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams is.

Which is why people like Mr. "Cristan" Williams are mentally unstable MEN who have a sex fetish and fantasy for women. They are Men with Y DNA and a penis who have a fetish for women. They claim they are women, but in reality are Men because they argue, debate and bully like MEN. So in reality, No biological born woman I know of argues, debates or bullies like them

People like Mr. "Cristan" Williams are the mentally unstable, very dangerous and very delusional. Their whole life is built on a house of Lies and scam. Which is why Reality and Truth is hard for them to Understand.

Elizabeth said...

I support neither TERF or Williams and her ilk. TERF considers me less than whole sort of like Critan Williams does so I find no reason to consider them allies.

Personally I believe TERF and Williams and her pals deserve each other.

Just Jennifer said...

I don't seem them as allies. But I see some of Mr. Williams more extreme rhetoric as a greater threat.

Nicky said...

Which is why Radical feminist such as Gallusmag and Cathy Brennan see people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams as a threat to Women, Lesbian women and anyone who encounters them. It seems the transgender kooks/extremist such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams like to call anyone who disagrees with them TERFS because they hinder his fantasy and fetish for Women.

Aliab Emes said...

First, Jennifer, Elizabeth I have read both your blogs and have found them insightful and well measured. I just wanted to clarify a couple of points.
That letter was not from “TERFS,” or radfems. Why, Williams says that he googgled WFAF and it came up as Cathy Brennen is a mystery (other than he is obsessed with her) because WFAF should not come up at all in any search of the Internet because we are not on the Internet. So I’m forced to suspect he is a liar.
The letter to Rutledge got around and sounded a warning. We are women academics, writers, artists, researchers, editors all currently working in the academy and all unaffiliated with any political group. We each have reputations that if nothing else, are benign and mild. The issue is that we see a real threat and believe these transactivists to be misogynistic. And we all have watched as these men attack women’s careers because people are afraid to be called “transphobic” which can be argued exists as a reality for poor non white people and not white men in their 40’s with elite educations and training. We will present a new concept: Trans privilege as another form of white male elitism. That privilege has in certain corners of the culture eroded women’s rights. We are, as I said from across the curriculum, some soft science, some humanities. Most are straight women.
At first blush, second and third it would seem that neither Denny nor Jamison or Williams can read because at no point does the letter mention graduate students. Our project is to have students (large undergraduate courses) question and not just accept what are essentially lies repeated over and over. They will learn the dangers of false analogy, of junk science, of political conformity. They will learn that the fear of being called a bigot is not a good enough excuse to not question threats against those that do question. Students will fact check, stand look out for “double and good speak” and all the manipulations of logic and rhetoric. They will be very busy. If Williams and the lynch mob finds out who I am it will not be hard to establish that I have zero connection with any feminist groups and I would say they would look like jackasses but that’s a fete accompli. In fact I am betting the radfems bless their hearts, are all scratching their heads and wondering: who the hell?
No war has been declared. Rather reality has been declared. Despite how well positioned some of these “activists” are if they keep it up they will be given recognition as the most pathological movement since Germany in the 1930’s.

Teslagirl said...

Hello Aliab,

It's good to see you posting here and to hear direct from you what your letter was about.

I am a transsexual woman as opposed to a trangender activist which basically means that I just quietly get on with my life, don't mix with any 'trans' community, and really just want to be left alone.

Is is people like me you are concerned with? I know many radical feminists see no difference, but from where I sit, there is an enormous difference between me and the transgender activists. It would be good to discover there is an awareness of this distinction
in academic circles.

Thank you,


Aliab Emes said...

I hope that Jennifer does not mind me using her blog to respond. I just finished reading what C. Williams said and I feel like I need a bath. Forgive me if I am wrong but I think you are asking if I believe you are a women or not and if I perceive you as a threat. To that I have to say honestly I do not know because I do not know you. In general I do not make judgments on anything other than peoples actions and behaviors.
We are concerned with those who attempts to censor or silence natal women when women question or critique the Transgender narrative. Censorship of this sort is only possible through other tactics—threats, slander, intimidation, lies, and false accusations. This is a big concern.
The awareness in academic circles tends to be more toward Transgender than transsexual because first and foremost academics will forgo accuracy if it excludes anyone. This is a result of Queer Studies trying to be relevant. Academics are not very influenced by radical feminism.
The Transgender “activists” may very well be a house of cards built on false analogy. And this may explain why their only default is to threaten and become abusive or to absurdly accuse women of murdering them or stupidly threatening suicide. While I myself not a radical feminist nor a lesbian, I can say—they have a point. The problem seems to have been created by Transgender activists. They wish to assert that anyone who “feels” like a women is a women. A dangerous proposition for natal women. So push back. The issue of People that can’t afford SRS is NOT our problem. Who pays for women’s IVF? These guys are seeped in entitlement born out of male privilege--now trans privilege.
You bring up assimilation. I do think that is a key point. Narcissistic male rage can’t assimilate because it would lose the attention and the power if it did. The last thing these guys want is to live “like or as a women.” It is both an erotic delusion as well as manipulative power game, and they are not parting with that to live as a women. They hate women.
These guys have both male privilege and “trans privilege” They earn a good living spewing this crap. And are forced to comb the planet looking examples of oppression, and for victims of violence that they can hold up and try to identify with. They have nothing in common with some poor street kid or sex worker that gets killed by a john that discovered she was a he. They can scream “transphobia” because they were misgendered—. At the same time women are kept chained in basements for decades.
The problem seems to be heterosexual white middle class men in their 40’s who have found a ruse to act out their sexual fetish while pretending they are victims of the worst oppression in world history which is more fodder for the erotic drama they call life. They simply choose to ignore the real victims. That’s why the claim “just like civil rights” and “just like intersex” needs to be questioned. Anyone that buys it either does not know much or more likely could not care less about what Jim Crow was or what intersex is. There is amorality in that and a cruelty. They are bigots of the worst kind,
Womanhood is not based in male rage and demanding attention for ersatz oppression. These guys have a monkey on their backs-- a hungry beast that demands attention because male sexual power needs attention. The more I see of the behaviors of the Transgender movement the more it looks like a form of social, political and economic rape. Then these men threatening and claiming women cause them to be murdered or commit suicide. Men can’t demand that women pretended that a man is woman. Women are not going to be Role-playing in men’s sexual fantasies. That is not a civil right or a human right.