Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Know Mr. "Cristan" Williams Is a Liar, But He Really Came Up With a Whopper!

It is no secret that Mr. "Cristan" lies like a cheap rug, but his latest really pushes the limits.  In a comment on the blog of Mr. "Dana" Taylor, a man who thinks lesbians should be forced to have sex with "trans women" (i.e. men) Mr. Williams said this....
But then again, JJ is someone who admitted that she felt better after beating women – and then tried to pass off that bit of her personality as if it was someone normal trans people deal with.

I mean. I know he has no qualms about twisting facts, using logical fallacies, intellectual dishonesty, and bullying to win arguments, not to mention outright lying, but this is a new low, even for him.  I have already pointed out that he has tried to twist what my daughter said, and make something out of it, that wasn't there, but this is a complete fabrication.  I never "admitted" any such thing.  First off, I did not "beat women."  That is a nice bit of exaggeration  of the sort that sleaze like Williams love.  But to then go on and claim I said it made me feel better...that is over the top.  

Then, he goes on to add even more twisting and lies....
Whatever personality disorder makes someone beat a woman because it makes them feel better and then really believes that it’s somehow normal seems to be the same issue that drives GM and Nicky. They both enjoy trying to cause others pain because it makes them feel good. It’s what they do and if they have to just make shit up in the hopes that it hurts someone, they’ll happily do it.
Again, it did not beat anyone.  Second, it did not make me feel better.  And I certainly never said it was normal.  Then again, if Mr. Williams did encounter something that was "normal," he would attack it.  Normalcy is the one thing he really hates.  As to the rest of what he says here, well, that sounds like he is describing what he is doing by posting such lies.

The Mr. Williams goes on to add this...
Not even Brennan wants anything to do with GM and she gave JJ the boot. There’s an awesome post where JJ scratches her head wondering why The Bug won’t be her friend. I actually laughed so hard I wept a little when I read that one.
That last is in response to a remark about Cathy Brennan blocking me from following her that I made right after I joined Twitter, and had no real understanding of the culture surrounding that particular system.  A bit naive, but then this is, Mr. Williams, who will twist any fact until it is unrecognizable.  I said nothing about her being my "friend."  Shoot, I allow pretty much anyone to follow me on Twitter.  I even allowed Mr. Williams to do so, and would still do so.  I consider Twitter to be sort of like a blog.  Anyone can read what I say here.  Then again, Mr. Williams, being a very controlling man, would probably not understand that.  For pretty much the same reason, I approved any post that does not violate on very simple rule.  I have blocked two lately, one from Mr. Williams, and one from Mr. Taylor. In both cases, I explained why.  Mr. Williams heavily censors his blog, and do most transgender extremists.  It's the only way they can lie and not have people expose it directly.

So, we have Mr. Williams, a man who lies with impunity, and Mr. Taylor, another man who thinks lesbians should be forced to have sex with men they don't want to.  And they wonder why the radfems hate them, and I don't want to be associated with them.  Boy, clueless doesn't begin to do them justice.  

And one final thought, do seem awfully obsessed with me, even while they try to dismiss me as insignificant.  I don't care.  My blog is not ego-driven like theirs are.  Maybe I am insignificant, but they don't seem to think so...

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Nicky said...

It's that lying and twisting of facts are the hallmarks of transgender kooks and extremist. It's why people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams and Mr. "Dana" Taylor do have a hard time with Reality and telling the truth.

Lying and twisting of facts is liken to a drug addiction, and they seem to be very addicted to lying to people. I think that's why they lie and twist facts. They are over compensating for Reality or the lack of reality. They really can't grasp reality and all they have is a house of lies and scams, which is very fragile at best. Their whole life is built one lie after the other. Sooner or later all those lies they made is going to come crashing down and Reality is going to hit them like a ton of bricks.

The reason why their obsessed is because their jealous of what you have that they don't have and never will have. A sense of Normalcy and a LIFE. They will never have those, and they will always struggle with their delusions and demons.