Friday, February 28, 2014

End Game

After wasting far too much time, the curtain has come down, at least for the moment, on the gang of extremists I have been tangling with.  The whole thing began when I responded to a post on a relatively new blog aimed at "shaming" transgender people back into line.  The blog was started by a couple of massive egos that are the strangest pair of kooks I have encountered in some time.  Mr. "Jessica Lynn" Cummings is a classic non-op autogynephilic type who met a egotistical FTM equivalent, Ms. "Mark Angelo" Cummings.  And they decide to become a couple.  Now, this is not really new, FTM/MTF couples, while rare, are not unheard of.  I remember one being featured on the TV show "That's Incredible" many years ago.  But this one is particularly strange, because both are pretty much classic "transgender extremists," making a big deal out of being non-op.  Mr. Cummings still has his penis, so he and his wife, "Mark" can have intercourse in the usual way….I am sure Blanchard and Bailey would have a field day with this one….

Anyway, I responded to an article on the "transgender hierarchy," in which pointed out, as an aside, that I do not accept the label "transgender" and they went ballistic.  And, as I wrote about in my last article, they resorted to censorship, but then backed off…somewhat surprisingly, but they also went on the offensive, finally tracking down the crap that the cyberstalker who calls himself "Diane" Lask has been pushing for years.  And of course, they were just thrilled.  They thought that I would curl up a die, or something.

Hey, like I said, it is all lies, and pretty obviously so.  

In any case, "Mark" who isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, FINALLY, after twice having posts blocked here for violating the One Rule, figured out that, "DUH!" he could do the same thing,  Now, he has resorted to moderating posts, so he can prevent me from embarrassing them.  

In the end, it got downright hilarious.  One of this gang of idiots, a very masculine transgender from Canada, who fancies himself a "writer" (he vanity published a book) even went so far as to post threats of violence…why do they always want to resort to stalking?  This is copied, verbatim…and is by the "writer" Mr. "Jacqueline" Waters.  I leave it to my readers to decide for yourself if this sounds like a woman?  Or like some insane drag queen?
And honey, no man here and I will out bitch slap the fuck out of you any day. You see, I don;t mind flying anywhere at anytime to deal face to face with any cunt..I will even show you my pussy while I am there so you can come back and apologize for how stupid you really are.
 So if you would like to set up a meeting so we can discuss matters in person, just let me know. Other than that shut your pie hole (no doubt the only hole you have besides the one in your head where a brain is supposed to be located).
Unlike you, I have a life and work to do that goes far above playing silly little games with a bitch boy keyboard commando troll.
 So when and where? Just let me know. If you live in a nice place I will come back and let everyone know they were wrong about you being poor and near homeless. I mean all this shit is easily resolved. You show me yours and I will show you mine ok? 
Aside from posting this after there is no way I can respond (which is probably why he posted it, since he is confident I wouldn't be able to take him up on it) this is almost hilarious. Now, I have no desire to invite some violent man to come visit me in San Francisco. I am certainly not going to allow some nut case associated with this band of lunatics to gather private information, like where I live, and such. And I sure am not going to expose myself to some pervert.

But this, I fear, is a classic example of transgender mentality.  My feelings on the subject can be summed up in a post I made in response to an article defending "transgender ideology" there.  I responded directly to a could of statements in the article. Here is the cold, hard truth that finally pushed Ms. "Mark" over the edge…
"You expect to be properly identified and treated as any other woman (If you are Female-to-Male then the same logic will apply for you as a man.)"
And your answer to this is to publicly identify as something that clearly marks you as NOT be a woman (or a man, for the FTMs) at all. In spite of your silly claims (based on male-sexist concepts that only "drop-dead gorgeous" women…which is ironic at best for this bunch, matter) I live as a woman, not as a "trans woman." You can tell me what you think, but I know what I live.

"And for those transsexual extremists out there.... if you hate transgender so much, why spend all your time attacking the people who do feel comfortable with the term?" 
When you stop trying to use us as your beards, when you stop demanding that society accept idiocy like "women have penises," and "men can become pregnant," when you stop advocating that just because some dude claims he feels like a woman, he has to be accepted as one, when you stop defending perverts like Colleen Francis, when you stop demanding the right of pre-op (who, if legitimate, would NEVER do such a thing) and so-called "non-op transsexuals" (an oxymoron) to be in women's spaces where nudity is likely, when you stop trying to get the right to change your birth certificate without actually changing your self (again, women do not have penises, and men cannot get pregnant) and especially when you state, without qualification or reservation, that ONLY people who self-identify as transgender should ever be referred to as transgender, then and ONLY THEN, will we stop attacking you. Until then, well you deserve to be made to fill like the extremists you are. And no, we won't "shut the hell up!" We will speak out, and oppose your extremism. And we will help bring about the coming backlash, and hopefully prevent if from consuming us along with you.
Time will tell what happens.  Ms. Cummings made a couple of threats that could come back to haunt him if he follows through, but as they say, "Spoilers, darling, spoilers…"  I will check that blog from time to time, as I do other transgender blogs, but since they have gone full blown censorship, I won't be posting there.  I think I have pretty much said all that is worth saying to them there anyway.

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