Sunday, March 2, 2014

Creative Writing….

Well, it appears that Mr. "Diane" Lask is back at it…posting more lies, this time on the Shame on You Transgender Blog.  I do declare, Mr. Lask just can't help himself.  After Lyle Blake, formerly known as Laura Blake disappeared from the Internet, poor Mr. Lask had no one to stalk.  So, he turns on me again.  

Of course, it is now no secret that this kook is a non-op, who spent years lying about being post-op along with his fellow non-op Cheryl Mullins.  Together, with some others, they basically monopolized for years.

Now, every time Mr. Lask starts up, his stories grow more and more exaggerated.  My age increases, my weight goes up (I've actually lost some in recent years), I get poorer (even though Lask knows nothing of my actual economic situation, my life grows lonelier (he hasn't a clue about that either, etc.

On every "fact" he posts, he is basically wrong.

For example, I am not 62+, I am not in a "Standing Room Only (SRO) homeless shelter" (huh?  Does he even make up terms?) and I am not remotely homeless, and in fact, Lask has no idea where I live now.  I am not on SSI or "welfare."  My income is not less than $800 a month.  I am not 6'+ (I am actually the same height as Princess Diana was.) And I have a good relationship with my daughter.  Mr. Lask, in his efforts to stalk me, also invaded my daughter's privacy.  Her and I had some issues 10 years ago, but worked those out quite some time ago.  But, in Mr. Lask's warped imagination, nothing ever changes.

But hey, again, if you happen to be looking for information on Diane Lask, and you come across this through Google, be warned…if this is the same Diane Lask, who will probably claim history as being involved in computers, and having sold vacuums for Sears, who lived in Nevada for some years…and who has a history living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, be very careful.  This person is severely mentally ill, and has, as I point out, a history of stalking people online, and possibly in person.  

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