Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dealing With Transgender Idiots Is Hard Sometimes

As I have observed, clearly the kooks at Shame on You Transgender Edition really don't like reality.  Take, for example, Mr. "Zierota" Slingen, one of the most classic transgender kooks I have seen in some time.  He just keeps spewing his nonsense…

I'm just going to respond to a couple of the stupider things he said in his latest post…

First off, he questions why I posted a photo on the Hot or Not site…  Mainly as a hoot.  Actually, I discovered it when a rather absurd looking transgender kook mentioned it on a blog.  I posted a photo, and as I said, I scored towards the middle.  A bit better than I would have expected.  I did not do it because I was a narcissist like some I could name.  On the other hand, a classic trope of the transgender kooks is equating "attractiveness" and "passing."  Of course, that brings up the whole issue of passing, which is appropriate for the transgender kooks as they are not women, but might, in some cases, fool people and thus "pass."

Now, Mr.  Slingen spends a lot of time carrying about his female friends reassure him that he is "really a woman."  He even went to one of them to ask them if they were lying.  What a hoot.  Does he really expect them to say, to his face, "Yes, dude, you are clearly a man…"  They are being nice.  They know he is a guy, and they feel pressured to pander to his delusions.  It is, after all, the nice thing to do.

The only real test, and it is one Mr. Slinger indicates is not available to him, is to live as a woman, and observe how you are actually treated.  Can you walk in the women's room without causing a scene?  Or do you have to make sure you only go where you know women will be forced to put up with you?  Do you get funny looks?  Do people go out of their way to make sure you know that they know?  I have known enough transgender people who don't pass, both in terms of appearance, and behavior.  I know how people react to them.  I've heard the stories about how people insult them to their faces.  

The funny thing is, I have met women who, based on appearance, you might think were possibly men.  But, it was obvious that they are women.  And I have met more than a few men who are very convincing as women, in terms of appearance.  But five minutes of conversation leaves no doubt that they are men.  They simply don't have a woman's mind, and they can't fake it.

Finally, Mr. Slingen made a statement that leaves no doubt in my mind that he hasn't a clue.  He makes the assertion that my statement that I was a failure as a man indicates that I transitioned for a bad reason.  What a load of crap.  If you can live a live successfully as a man, but you claim lifelong gender dysphoria, well, sorry sir, but you are full of crap.  I get a kick out of men who had long, successful careers before deciding, always after years of being a fetishistic crossdresser to "suddenly" transition and become women.  Some even had long enough military careers to retire. Twenty years of supposedly hiding their true self, in an environment like the military.  Really?  Hogwash!

I should have transitioned when I first realized that it was an option.  The problem was, after a childhood of being abused for being a sissy, I had some serious issues with the idea of being intimate with a man, and it was pretty much dogma at the time, that you would not be accepted for surgery if you were not "homosexual."  I buried my feelings, thinking I had no choice, and moved on with a very unhappy life.  I was constantly seen by men as a "defective male."  They knew something was off, but they were not sure what.  And I felt like a fraud.  I didn't fit in with men.  I knew I was not one of them, but I had to pretend, and I did a lousy job of it.

I'll leave it at that…  Mr. Slingen apparently thinks you had to be a success as a man to make it as a woman.  What a load of complete crap.  Yes, I will repeat, I was a failure as a man, because, well, I wasn't a man.  Clearly, the same cannot be said for most Mr. Slingen.

And I do find it amusing that one of the boys at Shame On You Transgender Edition is again carrying on about this imaginary hierarchy in their made up little group.  Funny…they claim there is no hierarchy, but they carry on about how they have an absolute right to dictate that one has to accept the label of transgender, because, well, they have a right to tell others how they can identify.  I guess in their mind, everyone is equal…but they are just a bit more equal.

A simple point that is lost on Mr. Slingen…again.  Transgender is not objective.  It is a completely subjective term, and if, and ONLY IF, someone identifies as transgender, are they transgender.  One is not automatically transgender because they are transsexual, just as they are not automatically transsexual because they identify as transgender.  

Transsexual is a medical condition, albeit one that increasingly is falsely applied to someone simply because the transgender kooks have pressured therapists politically.  Pretty much anyone can doctor shop and find someone who will tell they what they want to hear.  Competent therapists are increasingly rare, but can still be found.  A good question to ask is what percentage of patients does you doctor find are not actually transsexual.  If it is not a majority, at the very least, you have a quack.  If it is none, then you have a very dangerous quack.  But, I will bet they are very popular, and very rich.

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