Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Few Thoughts On Suicide

A couple of recent developments have led me to say a few words on this rather touchy subject.  The first is the rather silly claim by Mr. "Michelle" Spicer on Shame On You Transgender Edition that I have threatened suicide.  I don't know exactly where he got that silly idea.  It is possible that he is just lying, or it is possible that he is trying, rather desperately, to stretch my pointing out that his cult leader, Ms. "Mark" Cummings tried to nudge me in that direction.  I made it quite clear that Ms. Cummings' lame attempt was not remotely going to work.  Suicide is not remotely something I would consider.  But it was, quite obviously, what Ms. Cummings was suggesting.

In fact, I seem to recall some of the, uh, "investigative reporters" (it's hard to type that without laughing) at Shame On You Transgender Edition suggesting that my shining the harsh light of reality might "trigger" someone towards suicide.

And, of course, there is the kerfuffle about Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor threatening suicide, and then getting bent out of shape when it was brought to the attention of his employer.  Apparently this has resulted in him being put on "disability" by his employer.  He was harassing various women online, and they called him on it.

Well, a lot is made about how so many transgender people supposedly attempt suicide.  Now, I can understand how a person who is a transsexual might be tempted towards suicide if they are thwarted in their need to transition.  But if a person has transitioned, and is facing issues that cause them to consider suicide, then perhaps they need to rethink their decision to transition.  Perhaps they need to consider if transition is working for them.  If transitioning does not make your life better, and it does not give you the ability to handle problems, then you are probably headed for disaster.

And if you are feeling suicidal, get help!

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