Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Of Grifters and Drifters and Other Scam Artists….

Ms. "Mark" Cummings, in a comment that got blocked for a rules violation brags about how she and her husband have been covered by National Geographic.  And how they have been featured in the New York Post, as well as in international publications ranging from Germany, Netherlands,England to India.  Well, it turns out that National Geographic Channel has produced a show called Taboo USA, and as I suspected, this pair of freaks were on it…  Here is how the show is described…
Taboo USA goes behind the closed doors and picket fences of America’s most normal looking homes to find a fringe few that can only be described as... taboo. And we're showcasing those willing to push the boundaries of taste, societal acceptance; those obsessive about their hobbies, their relationships, and their lifestyles.
In another words, this is a show, not far removed from the realm of Jerry Springer, that features kooks who haven't the good sense to maintain privacy, but who like to exhibit their for the those who get off on this sort of thing.  As my mother used to say, "Fools names, and fools faces, often seen in public places."  BTW, Ms. Cummings has also been on Maury Povish…which says a lot.

The particular episode that these "reality show wannabes" were featured on was called "Strange Bonds," also featured a polyamorous couple, and a black guy who befriended a bunch of KKK members.  Uh, yeah…some people will do anything for attention.

Now, the New York Post…well, let's just say that it is, maybe, a step up from the National Enquirer…maybe.  Produced by Rupert Murdoch, it is known for tabloid sensationalism.  The  more lurid, the more bizarre, the more titillating, the better.  Being featured there is hardly something to brag about…

I can only imagine about the other publications that this kook brags about being featured in…

What we have here, as I have pointed out before, is a couple of grifters.  Currently, uh, hiding out, in a backwater town in Florida, and a rather decrepit looking trailer park, they are apparently effectively homeless, and unemployed.  

Now, the latest article on their web site is a bit interesting…  Here are some of the things mention in regard to "transgender narcissists"..
No detail of their life in unimportant, especially to you. They post everything from the latest pictures of themselves(usually bikini or muscle shots, up to and including everything in their wardrobe) and keeping everyone updated on their lives no matter how small the event.
Sure sounds an awful lot like Mr. "Mark" and Mr. "Jessica."
Have you ever seen a picture of them that is not perfect or looks doctored. Chances are it is, leaving your self esteem in the gutter over an imaginary person. Look close, very close for flaws and imperfections. If there are none the it may be a doctored photograph. Usually their photographs will be them on a beach or in front of a mirror because they love to show you how good their body looks, and it's always an Olympian or Goddess physique, further grinding your average transgender woman’s self esteem into the ground. It is bad enough that most if not all the advertising, Hollywood movies or TV shows use cisgender women as models or actors. Establishing an unreachable goal for most transgender women.
Pretty much every photo of Mr. "Jessica" Cummings fits the above description.  Soft focus, heavily Photoshopped, and obviously quite fake.  And Ms. "Cummings" has a few that fit these descriptions as well.  Yes, they are certainly narcissists.  Funny that they let their "Investigative Reporters" trash them on their own blog…or are they so narcissistic that they don't even realize it?

Oh, and speaking of their blog…they do seem to have a bad habit of stealing copyrighted material.  Purely by accident, I came across a link to the site they stole their "Shame On You" logo from.  And it is, of course, copyrighted…  Some people have no shame.


Jessica Lynn Cummings said...

sorry no photoshop necessary here its called knowing how to take a photo. Yeah so sorry your an ugly dude and cant afford to fix your face but please do not be jealous LOL!!! I am on video every single week so no need for photo shop I actually am pretty isn't that a hell of a concept and I am a size 3. I am 5'7" 125lbs so sorry you couldn't fit your stubby fat ass into a size 3 but hey I watch what I eat and thank you for the wonderful compliments =) Lay off the twinkies and maybe one day you too could achieve a nice body like mine. See I am proof of the difference between a real woman such as myself and you a homeless transvestite Wink Wink so call me Mr. all you like and keep ranting with your lies because the more you say the more idiotic you make yourself look LOL

Just Jennifer said...

Uh huh…sure… You might can fool someone with no experience in photography, but I know better. Jealous? Of your? ROTFL! You actually pretty? Well, pretty delusional. And if you are 5'7" Your wife "Mark" must be a real shrimp. You tower over him… And yes, you are probably quite skinny…poverty will do that to you. And no, real women don't have penises and besides, your wife has made it clear that you are not real. So, you keep on lying about me, and I will keep posting the truth about you. I'm not homeless…like some grifter living in a motorhome. I don't have a penis, and well, you do, and it is obvious you are hanging on to it for dear life.

No sir, you are not a real women. You're a real eunuch. A pretty delusional, real eunuch with a shrimp for a wife…and dreams of being reality show stars… What a pair of losers.

Mark Angelo Cummings said...

my pre last post to you before I share the link to your debut. I don't get offended by your words. I am short, I was born a female and I am alright with being misgendered. I am two spirited so that would never offend me. I know who I am so your meaningless words have no bearing on my life. I have left my mark here on earth and many know who I truly am. calling be a drifter or any of the terms you wish to use is actually an honor, for I am a gypsy at heart and enjoy the life that I have created for myself. With that being said, I am honored that you are so mesmerized with my life, so much so that all your latest blog entries have been about Jess and I. So thank you for being such a true fan.

Just Jennifer said...

Funny, but you seem to be the one who is obsessed. But yes, you are a tiny little woman, but your husband more than makes up for that. And well, I used "drifter" because it rhymes with the more accurate term, "grifter." Basically, a traveling con artist. And you are just such perfect examples of silliness of the transgender paradigm. I mean, it is hard to find someone even sillier than Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, but well, you have certainly proven to be that. But, then you do crave attention… That's the irony. You are a classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and yet you seem blissfully unaware.