Saturday, March 8, 2014

Here We Go Again

Oh well, Mr. "Zierota" Slingen wasted no time in responding to my article on his latest diatribe, and boy, is the new one a mess…

He starts out by taking me to task for violating the imaginary "first rule" of the imaginary "transgender community."  That is, according to him, I misgendered him.  Now, where to begin?  Where to begin…?  

Well, let's see, first off, I am not a member of his imaginary community.  I am not, as I have stated more than once, "transgender."  So, that's his first problem.  The second, and it's a trivial one, is that "misgender" is not a real word.  Oh, he offers up a definition from the Wiktionary, but that is not exactly an authoritative source.  So, some transgender kook put it up there…that does not make it a real word.  And finally, and more to the point, I did not "misgender" him.  I actually, simply, pointed of a fact.

Now he makes the assertion, that, I am "probably going to continue calling me mr. Slingen even if I do get SRS or start being nice to him again with the "correct" gender pronouns."  No, I will call him "Mr. Slingen."  I know how to properly use the English language, including the rules of capitalization.  And I could care less what he calls me, as it changes nothing,  But, more to the point is the little slip he makes here…"even if I do get SRS…"  He is probably not going to, "even if he does," which I honestly would urge him not to, it would be a mistake.  No transsexual would ever use such a phrase, but many crossdressers treat SRS as a fantasy.  If he did have surgery, it would be a mistake, and the results could well be tragic.

He goes on to argue…
I am a transwoman but I am also a woman. I know this because of my medical profile. I also feel that I am female, and people around me treat me like one as well. It feels right as much as it is right.
Well, "transwoman" is an oxymoron.  It is a silly word, coined by crossdressing men as a way of hanging on to their manhood.  They don't really want to be women, so they call themselves "transwomen" to remind themselves, and others, that they are really still men.  No Mr. Slingen, you have a penis, you cannot "feel" that you are female.  You might be able to con, force, bully, seduce, or otherwise persuade people to pander to your fantasies, but that is all they will ever be.  This is shown in your next statement…
I get a lot of responses from cis females who say things like "you're more of a woman than I am".
This is something women say to "men in dresses" sometimes, if they are trying to be nice.  It is a little white lie they say, rather than saying, "Good grief, you are such a pathetic joke…"  I mean, first off, they clearly know you are not a woman.  They are saying, "Hey man, you do a pretty good imitation of a woman…but…"  And the fact that they know you are a woman shows, if nothing else, you have let them know you are not a woman, because deep down, you don't really want to be one.

After this, Mr. Slingen goes off on a rant for a bit, but he is right…if you are a "non-op," that is, if you want to keep your penis, yes, I consider you to be a man.  I simply don't buy into the silliness of "women with penises."  You can believe what you want, but I am not going to be bullied into playing along.

Now, Mr. Slingen accuses me of using a "straw man argument" because I point out that his position is one that does away with any serious meaning for sex.  I never stated that he has said he does not believe in sex, but I have shown that his position is, effectively, that sex is is not real.  If a female can have a penis, or a man can have a baby (and both of these are solid platforms of the transgender paradigm), then sex becomes meaningless.  And clearly, that is Mr. Slingen's position, and clearly, Mr. Slingen is delusional.  No, I did not make a straw man argument…though, Mr. Slingen did just that in his accusation.

From there, he launches off into another incoherent rant, including such gems as accusing me of going to "thousands" of forums to convince people I have had SRS (huh?)  and that I called him illiterate.  Uh, first off, I have posted on hundreds of forums, let alone thousands.  Second, I would never say that he is illiterate (an absurd suggestion) but I did point out that his, and pretty much everyone else at Shame On You Transgender Edition seems to have a very poor grasp of grammar.

Now, to recap…if you have a penis, and you want to keep it, you are, simply put, a man.  You are not a woman, you are not a transsexual, you are a man.  You may be a crossdresser, you can identify as transgender, you can call yourself whatever you want, but you are, and always will be a man.  And if you have a male brain, you will still be a man, even if you have SRS.  How you look, how you talk, how you walk, have nothing to do with being a woman.  I have seen some incredible looking drag queens, I have known men (who identify as men) with voices that would fool anyone, and I have seen some sashay about a room with a walk that would put any exotic dancer to shame.  But they will tell you in a heartbeat, that they are men.  And I have seen some pretty ugly women, who are most assuredly women, born women, who have given birth to children.

BTW, that is another common trait of the classic transgender.  They love to make a big deal out of attractiveness.  I make no claim of being a great beauty.  I'm a fairly plain woman.  Once, just for laughs, I posted my picture on a site called "Hot, Or Not?"  There you could be rated on a 1 to 10 scale.  I scored about 7, with it ranging from 3 to even an 8 or 9.  I got an occasional insult, and more than a few guys showing interest (sadly none near enough to be worth following up with.  But I am perfectly okay being a plain woman.  Most women are.  I would be okay with being an ugly woman, rather than being a drop dead gorgeous crossdresser…not, of course, that anyone on Shame On You Transgender is.  They really have no business throwing stones at anyone…  But, I would expect nothing better.  After all, I imagine Forrest Gump's mamma would have said, "Transgender is, as transgender does…."


Aya Skull said...

This is the most idiotic, stupid, silly and hilarious post ever lol You are a real joke xD A bad one... There's always silly people like you everywhere. That's why a lot of people fights and there's people that opposes to them. Everyone just wants to be free to be who they feel they are in the way they want to be. Everybody should respect that. If you think that the transwoman word is a fantasy, well I think you and all your opinions are fantasy as well. There's no difference n_n

Just Jennifer said...

Well, sir, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, as silly as it is… So, based on your view, if a person feels that they are, say, a rapist, a pedophile, or a serial killer, well…we should just respect those chosen feelings. Well, thanks for coming here and showing just how truly ignorant and foolish you are. Perhaps, when you have actually learned some common sense, you can come back and tell us how you were wrong.