Friday, March 7, 2014

Disagreement is NOT Hatred

One of the classic tactics of the transgender extremist kooks is to scream "hate" if someone so much as even slightly disagrees with them.  It happens all, the time, and yesterday, it popped up in a comment that got blocked for a violation of the one rule I have about commenting on this blog.  But I did want to address the foolishness expressed by Mr. "Jacqueline" Waters.

He starts off with an incredibly stupid bit of drivel…
If you look like a woman and you go in the mens room you are going to get harrassed and possibly abused and raped. I realize you hate transgender people just like many Jews hate jews.
Let's see…  Stupidity, mixed with lies, tossed with a nice Godwin's Law violation.  Yes, we have a classic bit of transgender silliness here.  Actually, you are going to get some shocked looks, and possibly someone trying to be helpful and tell you "Ma'am, you are in the wrong rest room."  Maybe in a bit of panic on the part of some poor guy who wonders just which of you made the mistake.  I know, from personal experience.  The last time I visited a men's room before I began living as myself full time, some poor gentleman looked absolutely aghast that a woman was in the men's room.  Not too long before that incident, I had a helpful employee on another occasion stop me and say, "Ma'am, your going into the wrong restroom…"  Fun times…

Now, quite frankly, Mr. Waters might be harassed because he looks a bit effeminate, but that is another matter.  No one is going to mistake him for a woman in either the men's room, or the women's room.  Of course, I realize he does face a dilemma and is going to cause problems in either.  Of course, causing problems is one of the thrills that transgender kooks seek.

Now, I don't appreciate garbage like what Mr. Waters spewed.  I had a dear friend who was a Holocaust survivor, and I don't like it when people toss around comments like that.  Besides, I honestly don't hate anyone.  I don't wish anyone to suffer harm, including rape.  But if one is engaged in deviant behavior, and pretending to be a member of the wrong gender, which is at the heart of the transgender lifestyle (i.e. men pretending to be women, or women pretending to be men) one does risk upsetting the wrong people.

He then goes on to make the false claim that I am "an advocate for rape of transgender people," and that I am one who "applauds for every name read on TDOR you now since you find we are not 'real women'…"  Uh, all I can say is, "Wow, talk about delusional…"  Actually, again, I don't delight in anyone's death.  And I have never advocated anyone getting raped.  People who are close to me have been victims of rape, and I find such comments highly offensive.  Mr. Waters is simply one sick fool to even suggest such a thing, but this does show the silliness of the transgender mindset.

And finally, he shows his complete ignorance, and blind believe in the rants of Mr. "Diane" Lask when he makes a comment about "the so called surgery you claim you have had with no break in posting for long enough to ever have a surgery like that and recover."  I would suggest he pop over to Google Groups, take a look at the newsgroup postings for February of 2006, and he might notice that I talked about my surgery coming up, and that I didn't post for some time.  I was in the hospital for a week, without Internet access (I asked before I went in…) and then because I had moved to a new unit in the building where I lived at the time on the day before I went in for surgery, it was another couple of weeks before my Internet was back up.  I got some support, and more than a bit of crap from the usual trolls at that time.  Oh well…it was something I did for myself, and no one else.  It is kind of amusing to go back and read some of the crap posted back then.  According to the trolls, I died (several times apparently), was on suicide watch, and "jumped the gurney."  It is kind of ironic that it is now claimed that I was posting the whole time people were asking where I was…

Actually, having SRS is a very profound experience.  I took a while before I felt up to dealing with both hooking up my Internet connection, and reading the crap I knew some would post.  When I was ready, I found it all quite laughable, then, and even more so now.

My advice to Mr. Waters, and the rest of the kooks at Shame On You Transgender Edition is to simply face the fact that you are not transsexuals, you are not "women," you will never be transsexual, you will always be transvestites (at best), and be proud of what you are, and stop trying to force your silliness on others.

And a footnote:  This is the 400th article on my blog…  A minor milestone, I suppose, but one worth a brief mention...

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