Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the Lies

Dealing with transgender extremists, like those at Shame On You Transgender Edition can be an interesting experience.  Their latest reaction is…well, kind of bizarre…and almost incoherent mish-mash of weird rants strung together with bad grammar and poor spelling.  Yes, we all make typos, but give me a break…these people are not even trying.  But I digress.

This latest diatribe begins with a rather odd list of the trademarks they are apparently ripping off for some Japanese characters…  Then it sort of goes downhill from there in a rather confused attempt to again attack me, in another of their ironic harangues that includes lines like…
He's also the type of troll who will resort to ad-hominem attacks if he can't win an argument.
I guess when they do it, it's not ad hominems…that, or they are just hypocrites.

Okay, they claim I am "obsessed" with their "genitalia, and surgical status."  What they are actually objecting to is me simply pointing out that they are pushing the transgender agenda that preaches the bizarre notion that females have penises, and men have vaginas….at least some of the time….sort of….kind of….

The classic transgender line is "sex and gender are not the same thing."  Okay, that is, sort of, true.  If, by gender, you mean the more accurate concept of "sexual differentiation of the brain" there is some truth there, though it suddenly becomes a bit fuzzier.  What the transgender kooks mean is, actually "Sex and gender are not the same thing, and they are totally unrelated.  Which is, of course, complete and total hogwash.  

Sorry boys and girl (they are all boys except one) but that is not remotely true.  In truth, in a normal person (and yes, I did say that dreaded word, normal), the brain and the genitalia are sexually differentiated at different times during fetal development, which means that you might wind up with male genitalia, but a female brain.  Or vice versa.  No, I imagine that so far, they are all nodding, going "Yeah, of course…."  The problem is, such occurrences are rare.  As in, they don't happen nearly as often as the TG crowd likes to claim.  

Far more common are situations where men (and on rare occasions women) far reasons that are not fully understood, develop bizarre obsessions with masquerading as members of the opposite sex.  The intensity of this desire can range from the occasional to full time.  And the intensity may grow over time.  Oddly enough, usually included in this behavior is a rather strong obsession with being "a woman with a penis." In some cases, less common, but not unheard of, you have behavior of the type that Blanchard and Bailey have labeled "autogynephilia" which is a sexual fetish centered on having SRS.  This may develop out of the desire to be "a woman with a penis," or it may be an unrelated condition that is parallel to  classic transvestitism.

Now, this brings us to the simple bottom line.  Folks like Mr. "Zierota" Slingen want people to believe that sex is not real.  That all that matters is what someone says that they are.  If you say "I am a girl…" then you are magically transformed into a full-fledged member of the female sex, no questions allowed.  Yes, it is stupid, but that is what they want to force you to accept.  Reality be damned…

Oh, and I have to note once again, that Mr. Slingen falls back on another common transgender trope…"not woman enough…"  That is a laughable concept, which shows a bit more of the transgender mindset.  Being a woman, or a man, is not a quantifiable thing.  There is no base unit of womanhood.  You can't be 70% woman, or 90% woman.  You either are, or you are not.  And well, Mr. Slingen, and most of his gang are not, "Mark" being the exception.

The simple bottom line is, sex and gender are both binary.  Basically, it really is male or female.  Contrary to common claims, there is no such thing as a person who is both.  There may be variations in aspects of sexual differentiation, and a person may have characteristics of both sexes (for example, having male genitalia, and a female brain, or genitalia that did not differentiate fully during development) but there is no in between.

Sex has three primary markers…chromosomes, genitalia, and the brain.  In terms of chromosomes, a Y mean male.  In terms of genitalia, a penis means male.  In terms of the brain, things are a bit more fuzzy, but a pretty solid indication is, you want a penis, your a male.  And the brain sex is what really determines what we call gender.

Now, the transgender crowd likes to conflate gender expression with "gender" though they are not the same thing at all.  Simply desiring to dress as a woman does not make you one.  Lots of men are crossdressers.  Most are occasional crossdressers, a few are full time.  The one thing they all have in common is a desire to keep their penises.  If you are not driven to have surgery, if you are comfortable with a penis, and most importantly, if you are able to successfully function as a man in society, then you are, well, a man.

And this, finally brings us to one of the sillier aspects of this bunch of fools attacks on me.  They just don't get it.  Yes, as a "man" I was a pretty wretched person.  I am not proud of that period of my life.  Simply put, I was a lousy man.  I was pretty lousy at things that men do.  I'm not going to share details, if only out of consideration for those affected by my failings, but yes, I was not at all successful as a man.  And yes, I face challenges now.  The same challenges a lot of middle aged women face, but I am able to deal with those challenges and my life is considerably better.  Funny, but that is sort of lost on these, well, men in dresses.  They can't see just how stupid their position is…

But then, they are men, and that is, simply put, is how they view the world….

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