Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Rise of the Gender Fascists

One of the latest twists from the transgender crowd is to label those who identify with the term "Harry Benjamin Syndrome," who do now wish to be labeled as "transgender," or who generally disagree with the idea that one is a woman (or a man) simply and solely because one says so, as "Gender Fundamentalists." Okay, then I think it would be perfectly fair to henceforth label those transgender activists who insist on trying to force their views on us as "Gender Fascists."

That i certainly how some of them act. If you are not willing to march lockstep to their drumbeat of transgender ideology, at the very least they will insult and belittle you. At worst, they will do whatever they can to silence you. If they can find out sufficient information, they will actually go as far as harrassing people, including outing them, or trying to cause problems for them in other ways.

Sometimes, the Gender Fascists can become downright silly. They post statements to the effect that those who wish to decline to be referred to as "transgender" are "delusional," or "only fooling themselves," but then at the same time, they say that they are not trying to force anyone to adopt that term.

Now some might, quite naively, ask why it matters? After all, aren't these activists just striving to win rights for people? Isn't there strength in numbers? Some will say, "If we don't hang together, we will all hang separately..." Others will say, "United we stand, divided we fall." But this misses the simple fact that you cannot have unity if you are forcing a label on people against their will. And, at least for those with HBS, unity is counter-productive. The rights that we need are NOT the same rights that are needed by people who are transgender.


Nick K.D Chaleunphone said...

That's the same with the intersex. If your not pro transgender, they label you as a radical and these pro intersex transgender will try to silence you.

Babylon Sister said...

People don't fight for civil rights rights for transgender or transsexual or drag or butch or genderqueer or gay people - they fight for equality based upon the characteristics defined in such a way as too cover all of those peoples. Just as people fought for for civil rights based upon race or religion - not for asians or catholics.

To equate the fight for equality with how different people self identify is disengenuos. These definitions for indentities evolved socially over time (no one used the term transsexual before the 40's, transgender before the 80's, gender queer before the 90's) and for many individuals over their life span - many people come out in the drag community - but they come to understand themselves to be transsexual later etc. The person who identified as a drag queen or gender queer is just as deserving of the same rights should they later come to identify as a cross dresser, gay or transsexual.

That's what people are fighting for in the legislative realm - the issue of how different groups self identify or wish to define others (which occurs a hell of a lot from ALL groups)- isn't the focus.

To try and paint it as such is an exercise in what you say you're complaining about.

MamaR said...

Ok a question for babylon sister.
Two people are arrested. One is a woman who is transexual, the other a cross dresser, or a drag queen.

Are you saying both should be strip searched by the same gender cop?

To me the woman who is transexual must be searched by a female cop, the cross dresser or the drag queen by a male cop.

But saying they are all the same confuses the issues and does cause certain communities, such as cops, to want and fight something written that might say ;All transgender people looking like women....." rather then being specific, and rightfully so.

I agree that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and equal to the next person, just that sometimes glossing over with one huge confusing umbrella term screws over some people.