Monday, April 8, 2013

Mr. Sandeen is Cyber-bullying Again

Just a few days after a whiny response to a comment where he claims he has been depressed because he was the victim of "cyberharrassment" Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen is up to his old tricks.  This is a behavior he regularly engages in.  Now, in accordance with his wishes, I will not quote the rather hilarious email he sent me, but I will also not allow his behavior to go unreported.

Simply put, and I guess who could blame him, he objects to the photo I posted of him.  And he made a demand that I remove the photo, which he now tries to claim as copyrighted.  Unfortunately for him, he had no such notice on the photo.  And even more absurdly, he tries to claim that failure to remove the photo will be taken by him as permission to post copyrighted material from this blog.  Such an "assumption" is, totally laughable.  Does he really think that such lame threats are going to intimidate me?

And, he further threatened that "quoting" his email would be taken as granting permission to do the same, as well as quoting from other sources, and posting private information about me including photos that were stolen.  Unlike the photo I used, which he himself posted, the photo he threatens to use have been mostly posted without my permission.  In another words, Mr. Sandeen intends to do what a very vicious cyberstalker engaged in.  Another completely ignorant threat.  And very possibly illegal.  While legally, he has no leg to stand on if I did choose to quote the actual email, I am not going to because it would be considered a violation of netiquette.  But legally, I could do so, and he would have no recourse.

I will simply remind Mr. Sandeen that this website carries a very specific copyright notice.  He would be wise not to violate it.  I don't take kindly to men trying to bully me, or any other woman.

UPDATE:  Mr. Sandeen sent me another email, in which he pointed out that the article was "Copyright, the Huntington Post."  I simply pointed out to him that he is not the Huntington Post.  He further threatens to engage in the same behavior as anonymous cyberstalker (well, anonymous only to a point...I know exactly who it is, but they hide behind anonymous remailers when posting, so I cannot pursue legal action).  Stay tuned, this could get interesting.  As I pointed out to Sandeen, I don' take kindly to men who try to bully women.

UPDATE #2:  I did a bit of poking around after seeing a comment on LGBT Weekly about Sandeen's bullying of Cathy Brennan.  It is quite true.  The man seems to have no comprehension of how he comes across (not really unusual in transgender men like Sandeen).  He has a history of badgering Ms.  Brennan.  I would find much to disagree her own, but I would never attempt to bully her like Mr. Sandeen does.  He has made numerous attempts to force her into emailing him, and such.  Mr. Sandeen has no concept of how many women see men, especially women who have had some traumatic experience with a man.  I don't know Ms. Brennan's history, but it does appear that Mr. Sandeen could show a bit more sensitivity in some areas, though again, expecting such from an obviously aggressive man is probably a waste of time.


Nelson Garcia said...

My favorite Autumn photo is the one where he holds an electronic candle, supposedly in solidarity with victims of trans violence.

Filing false copyright complaints? How out of the box.

Just Jennifer said...

As I have pointed out, Mr. Sandeen has a history of cyberbullying, while, as is so typical of bullies, he claims to be the victim.

Anne A. said...

Sandeen doesn't seem to know anything about fair use, or he things you don't. You can use everything he posts on the Internet if you like all you have to do is say where it came from. Sandeen is a penis packing pansy punk who has nothing better than to harass women with his bullying. He would rather spread the joy of his mental illness around than keep it to himself.

Isn't that right Autumn honeypie.


Just Jennifer said...

It is obviously one or the other. He certainly does not understand that using photos that were obtained through deception could land him in a world of legal hurt. The person who originally obtained them, by lying to the person they belonged to, was pretty much judgement proof. He lives at the mercy of a woman who allows him to hang around, and has no assets of his own that would be worth seizing. The person who previously posted those things did so anonymously. Even though I am quite certain of who it was, that would make it near impossible to sustain a case against them, and again, it was a person with no assets to speak of.

Anne A. said...

Sandeen had better not send me any emails I'll start a website and post them complete with message headers, which will include his IP address.

I make the decision if an email is to be private or public.


Just Jennifer said...

I know what you mean, but I am not going to give him any ammunition. I notice that he is cozying up to Mr. "Cristan" Williams over at TransAdvocate. I seriously doubt either Pam at Pam's House Blend, or the editor of LGBT Weekly are willing to go along with his cyberstalking. Mr. Williams, on the other hand, is pretty much devoid of such ethics. Again. it could get interesting.