Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Guess the TG Kooks Don't Believe They Should Have Such Standards

Well, if anyone ever wondered just how big a sleaze bag Mr. "Cristan" Williams is, or how low Suzan Cooke could stoop, we have a new answer.  In what has to be one of the most ironic twists in a while, there is a new article over at Transadvocate called Standards of Decency for the Press Regarding Transsexual and Transgender People. Okay...when I saw the tweet from Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen about this, I thought it might be worth a laugh. It was, but not for the reasons expected. It is actually Suzan Cooke's rather hilarious attempt to attack me that I have already written about.

If the TG crowd is getting that desperate to smear me, I must be doing something right. It's nice to know they are that scared of what I have to say. And I don't even have to post fake headlines to sucker people into reading stuff to accomplish this.

Really, boys...that is truly lame. Even for you.

Update:  Having been caught with their pants down, the boys have now corrected the title with no explanation or apology, though they did not correct the URL, so the above link, which includes the original, and very misleading, title still works. Go figure....

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