Monday, April 22, 2013

Crowing Like Banty Roosters....Again

Well, the transgender kooks are beside themselves with joy at the prospect that a group of radical feminists may lose the venue in London, England where they plan to hold a conference called RadFem2013. Now, the article about this blames the problem on "men's rights activists." It is not clear if this actually refers to a group of men, who identify as men, and who object vehemently to feminism, or if this is a rather apt description of a bunch of transgender kooks, of the same ilk as Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, and Mr. "Cristan" Williams who have been having a high old time, crowing about this on Twitter.

 Apparently these kook are just overjoyed at the threats, as well as the criminal acts that have been engaged in to stop this event from taking place. I think that says a lot about the real nature of so-called "trans women."

 To be clear, again, there is a lot of places where I disagree with the radical feminists, but one point where I do agree is that they should not be subjected to harassment, in particular, violent harassment, by a bunch of men.

 If you want to speak out against this outrageous behavior, there is a link at article site above. I sent a message, pointing out that while I have many disagreements with radical feminism, being neither radical, nor particularly feminist, that I do support their right to meet in peace, and to admit who they choose. And, for the record, I would support that same right for kooks like Williams and Sandeen.

Update: I just did a bit of research, and I found out something very interesting.... This year RadFem2013 is not limited to women born women. Of course, men are still not welcome. So, I guess that explains why Williams and Sandeen are still all bent out of shape.... And yes, there really are some rather nasty fellows, who are not trans, who have been harassing the radical feminists.

Another update:  Well, now the transgender banty roosters are crowing ever louder.  There is a claim, supposedly only verifiable by reading an article that is behind a paywall on an English paper's website, that the Irish Center has booted RadFem2013.  So, of course, Mr. "Cristian" Williams is strutting about like a proud rooster, even though the facts are still unclear.  Now, this is classic Williams.  Look at his article, and one would get the impression, which he deliberately gives, that he has a quote that he has obtain directly from David Barlow who is the Irish Center’s Director.  Instead, this is actually a quote that Mr. Williams has pulled from a web site by another transgender kook.  This whole mess is rather silly.  Again, I vehemently disagree with many, if not most of the views of the radical feminists.  But, I do share their disgust at the antics of men like Sandeen and Williams who delight in harassing women, even as they claim, quite falsely to be such.

Yet, Another update:

Mr. "Cristan" Williams remarked of this from Cathy Brennan:
Cathy Brennan ‏@bugbrennanAutumn, getting your balls cut off doesnt make you qualified to talk about feminism #radfem2013 @AutumnSandeen @transadvocate
RadFem 2013 organizer, Cathy Brennan responds to this post in a totally rational, non-hateful way.
Actually, given what Mr. Sandeen said to Cathy Brennan over coffee, about wanting to carry his balls around in a jar, so he could take them to meeting, I would say that yes, that is totally rational, and non-hateful. 

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