Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Are So Many Transgender Kooks Also Bullies?

As I have recounted, I have again been subjected to a round of attempted cyberbullying by Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen.  But, this i only the tip of the iceberg.  If you don't adhere to the approved "transgender kook party line," watch out.  I have mentioned the attacks that Mr. Sandeen has leveled at Cathy Brennan, who has also been attacked by numerous other transgender kooks.  And now, another of the bully boys, Mr. "Cristan" Williams is having another hissy fit because he, and other boys, are not allowed to visit the infamous Michigan Womyn Who Can't Spell Women Music Festival.  Now, let me disclose, right off, I have no real interest in ever going to such an event.  Like the vast majority of women, it simply does not appeal to me.  But, this has become the Holy Grail for the Men in Dresses crowd.  They have fits at the very thought that they are not welcome in that place.  And speak of Mr. Sandeen, I recall that he claims that they have to let him into the MWMF because his fraudulently obtained birth certificate proves that he is, and I am not making this up, a "woman born woman."

Yes, the latest to take on this issue is Mr. Cristan Williams, who posted a rant on TransAdvocate, which he now runs.  In it, he tries to link the policies at MWMF to transsexuals being denied medical care.  This follows an earlier article (that I planned on commenting on, but couldn't stop laughing at whenever I saw it), where one of the kookiest of the kooks, Zoe Brain (who presumably did not need such medical care since he claims he just sort of magically turned into a woman) claims that Janice Raymond caused the deaths of 50,000 transgender people because they committed suicide after being denied SRS, or something like that.

Personally, if some group has an exclusionary policy that, well, excludes me, that's fine.  I have no desire to invade, for example, the Pacific-Union Club here in San Francisco.  It is a men's only club, and while I will admit to a mild curiosity about what might go on there, I would not remotely consider trying to force my way in.  The same goes for the Bohemian Club, and a few others.  Sure, it would be interesting to have some insight into the mysterious and supposed conspiracies that are hatched out in the woods up near Monte Rio, California, but trying to force them to let me in does not haunt me like invading the MWMF does the transgender kooks.

Sure, a lot of post-op transsexuals, and maybe even a few men with intact penises manage to sneak in every years, but that is not what the boys are after. They want, as always, to be able to "openly" invade the place. That is, to force the women there to "acknowledge" them as full-fledged women with penises, or in some cases, former women with penises...or whatever.

Why, the very fact that there are a few women up there in the woods in Michigan who have not been beaten into submission to the transgender party line gives these poor boys a case of the vapors... Here is what, Nancy Burkholder, the person who apparently started the who thing has to say about it:

My mind was blank, my body absolutely still as I became aware of the emotional devastation that I felt inside. The events that were going down seemed totally unreal. Nevertheless I found a place of calm inside myself. I found acceptance for my situation, and I could feel the emotional devastation without the devastation overwhelming me.
Now, I will grant, Burkholder claims to have not been aware of the policy, and apparently it was not mentioned in the literature until this person showed up.  But seriously, you would think this person had been raped, rather than simply denied admission to a music festival.  No, it is not pleasant having one's identity challenged, especially if one really is transsexual, but even if that is the case here, it seems to represent some pretty massive insecurities.  I can't speak for everyone, but I am secure enough in terms of who I am that I don't let such things throw me for this big of a loop.

My advice to Mr. Williams, and all the others who whine about this every years is simple.  Get over yourselves.  Lisa Vogel and her crew don't want you at their private party, and you need to accept that.  They don't think you are really women (yeah, she thinks the same about me, but I really could care less) and well, in the case of those most obsessed with the whole thing, I suspect she is probably right.  So, go find a bunch of girls who will play with you.  I am sure you can find a few who will swallow the lie that women have, and want to keep, penises.  But Lisa isn't one of them, and I don't think she is going to give in to your bullying.

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