Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Cisphobic Silliness From Mr. "Cristan" Williams

Mr. "Cristan" Williams is continuing his crusade against women with an attack on someone for pointing out a rather significant truth...that women do sometimes lack the privilege that men like Mr. Williams enjoyed before he began his masochistic quest to impersonate a woman.  

In the article, Mr. Williams tries, again, to argue that cis people have great privilege....while ignoring the fact that what he considers a lack of privilege on the part of transgender people is basically of their own making.  Now, keep in mind, we are talking about "transgender" and NOT transsexual. 

Mr. Williams provides a list to make his case.  When looked through the lens of reality, it is a different matter...
Examples of cis-privilege as reported by the trans community: 
You can use public restrooms without fear of verbal abuse, physical intimidation, or arrest.
In another words, people who are not trying to pretend to be members of the opposite sex can go to the bathroom without violating social norms, or the law.  Oh, and I notice that Mr. Williams conveniently removed the one that was next in the original, about going into locker room and store changing rooms.  I guess even he knows that is a losing idea....
Strangers don’t assume they can ask you what your genitals look like and how you have sex.
Funny, but the only people who ever asked me that were transgender kooks.
If you are murdered (or have any crime committed against you), your gender expression will not be used as a justification for your murder (“gay panic”) nor as a reason to coddle the perpetrators.
I agree, no one should be murdered period.  But I do find it disgusting how the transgender community is more interested in praising martyrs than promoting safety.  Gay panic, which is also, surprise, surprise, used against gays, should not be a valid defense.  But pushing the idea that people should take chances is often what gets them killed.
You have the ability to walk through the world and generally blend-in, not being constantly stared or gawked at, whispered about, pointed at, or laughed at because of your gender expression.
Yeah, you tell 'em bro!  You guys have the right to dress up and look hilarious while impersonating a caricature of a woman, and anyone who laughs at you is wrong....  Seriously, do they ever look in the mirror?  Yesh, some of them are NEVER going to blend in, and let's be honest, a lot of them want to be stared at, gawked at, whispered about, pointed at, and laughed at.  If they don't want this, they should stop dressing like they do.
Strangers call you by the name you provide, and don’t ask what your “real name” [birth name] is and then assume that they have a right to call you by that name.
Or, they can realize that they are not now, nor will they ever really be perceived as women.  What they really want is the right to force everyone to ignore reality, and accept them as something they are not, and will never really be.
You have the ability to flirt, engage in courtship, or form a relationship and not fear that your biological status may be cause for rejection or attack, nor will it cause your partner to question their sexual orientation.
Ever wonder just how ridiculous the transgender kooks are?  Here it is!  They are demanding the right to force themselves on people.  Let's see...  If a cis person finds another cis person unattractive, that is, well, normal...  But, if a cis person is not attracted to a trans person, which most are not going to be, if say, a man does not want his girlfriend to be packing a penis, or perhaps even better, a woman is not thrilled to have some male pervert trying to get a date because he considers himself to be a lesbian, then they are somehow wrong?  That they have no right to reject such a person?  I mean, really, this is just how incredibly insane these people are.  I guess they might want affirmative action for male lesbians, or something.
If you end up in the emergency room, you do not have to worry that your gender will keep you from receiving appropriate treatment, or that all of your medical issues will be seen as a result of your gender.
Well, I have never been denied medical care, even while pre-op.  And let's face reality, in some cases, hormones and other drugs used in transition can cause medical issues.  But Mr. Williams wants doctors to ignore reality.
Your identity is not considered a mental pathology (“gender identity disorder” in the DSM IV) by the psychological and medical establishments.
Well, the therapist who referred me for SRS specifically declined to put a diagnosis for GID, stating that she did not think my "gender identity" was disordered at all.  That she saw my gender as female, and since that was my "identity," there was no disorder.  Now, if you have someone like Mr. Williams, who clearly has a male gender (or better a male brain) but wants to pretend he is a woman, then yeah, there is definitely something disordered going on....
You are not required to undergo an extensive psychological evaluation in order to receive basic medical care.
Giving someone hormones that are not appropriate to his or her sex, and which may cause major changes, or performing sex reassignment surgery on someone, is not basic medical care.  If it is not the right treatment, the results can be tragic.  
[You are] able to assume that everyone you encounter will understand your identity, and not think you’re confused, misled, or hell-bound when you reveal it to them.
I doubt anyone is likely to understand someone like Mr. Williams' identity.  Again, he is clearly a man, but he wants to pretend to be a woman.  He is, quite frankly, a walking contradiction.  Confused?  Perhaps.  Misled?  More like he is trying to mislead others.  Hell-bound?  I would leave that to God to decide.  But, understandable?  Hardly.

Again, we see what the transgender kooks want is nothing short of license to behave in an antisocial manner.  They are men who want to force people to ignore basic reality and pretend they are something they never will be.


Erika Marie said...

Hi JustJennifer,

You have a pretty good post, and I agree with you on a lot of points, with one major exception, regarding the denial of medical care. By that, I think the author was talking about cases like this one:

Here, the emergency medical personnel were clearly in the wrong, and what makes this sad is that if not for their discrimination, Tyra would likely have survived.

Just Jennifer said...

I agree, they were wrong in that case, but it should also be recognized that it was a single, isolated case. It is not a regular occurrence. It happened almost 20 years ago, and it should be noted, made her mother very rich. It is not likely to be repeated.