Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hypocrisy and Beyond....

Well, it was an interesting morning....

As I announced in my post yesterday, I decided to create a Twitter account for my blog.  I did this, in part, because Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen had been attacking me on Twitter, and I figured...I would fight fire, with fire.  Or in this case, tweets with tweets.  Actually, this story really starts a bit earlier...  Now, I have been on Twitter a bit longer...but under a different account, and no, I am not giving out that information.  This blog, and transsexual issues is actually a very small part of my life, and I keep things private.  

Now, anyone can look at someone's tweets simply by going to Twitter and putting in that person's user name if known.  You don't have to join Twitter unless you want to post.  In fact, you don't have to be logged in at all.  Sort of like reading a blog....  A person can mark their Tweets as private, but that prevents people who are not following them from reading them, and Sandeen actually took this approach for about a day after I published several of his more embarrassing statements.  But Sandeen is nothing, if not attention seeking, and he went back public

I had started looking at what Sandeen was saying, after seeing various reposts of some of his more obnoxious behavior against various women who have had the audacity to stand up to the jerk.  He can be very abusive, and has a nasty reputation for stalking radical feminist women in Twitter...

When I set my Twitter account up, I followed several people, including Mr. Sandeen.  Later, so I added him again.  Then, I got a message saying he had blocked me.  Okay, I figured...that is his right, and not really surprising.  I mean, he is a bit of a hypocritical jerk.  I am not going to lose sleep over it.  Which I didn't.  This morning, I woke up, and went online to check email and such, and a bit to my surprise, I discovered that I now had two followers... Mr. Sandeen, and more laughably, his cat.  Yes, Sandeen, apparently in a rather clueless attempt to hide, has an account in his cat's name.  So, I figured, okay, I don't censor people, and I followed him again.  I also had picked up another follower.   I then out up my earlier post today, tweeted about it, and added a couple of tweets mentioning that Sandeen...and his cat were no following me.
About an hour or so later, I went to check Twitter again...and discovered that my account had been suspended for "abuse."  Now, this is where it gets interesting.  I am not sure how Sandeen managed to pull such a stunt off.  I had made all of four tweets.  My first was a retweet of something from Cathy Brennan, who I am disappointed to say also blocked me.  I am not sure why, as I have not attacked her, and in fact, have defended her. 
 But hey, again, it is her right.  If I somehow offended her, I apologize.

Anyway,  had to go through checking off a couple of boxes promising not to do whatever it was I was accused of (which doesn't make any sense, since I looked at the Twitter rules and cannot see what, if anything I violated) and my account is back.  Sandeen has, again, blocked me, and was not "following me" but, as unbelievable as this might seem, his cat was still following me.  I mean really, is he THAT ignorant?  Does he REALLY think he is fooling anyone?  In any case, I filed a complaint against him, pointing out that he has attacked me as well (which does not actually appear to be against the rules) and pointing out that he appears to have somehow abused Twitter's abuse procedures.  Oh is all very strange, but it is also very typical of Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen and the Transgender Kooks in general.  They think nothing of attacking people, insulting them, stalking them, etc...but they react in outrage when they are subjected to mere disagreement.

Yes, I admit, I take great delight in tweaking Mr. Sandeen's rather enormous ego.  But, he deserves it.  I have no sought to harm him in any way.  I do wish someone had filed with the court in San Diego to challenge his fraudulent birth certificate, but that is a bit different.  There, he was committing a crime and should have been stopped.  

If I ever met Mr. Sandeen in person, I would certain be a bit alarmed.  He has admitted to engaging in violence, I would certainly be on guard, and would consider taking steps to protect myself as necessary, just as I would with any man who is known to be violent.  But, I would take no steps to harm him unless absolutely necessary.

But one thing is for certain.  Sandeen is a hypocrite, and a kook.

Update:  Okay, I just got an email from Twitter informing me that "Transadvocate" (I assume that would be Mr. "Cristan" Williams himself, had mentioned me in a tweet.  He was complaining to Sandeen and Mr. "Monica" Roberts, the notorious "Trangriot" bigot, that I was "stalking" him.  So, now, he is trying to claim that following someone on Twitter is stalking them?   So, I guess that would mean that his comrade Mr. Sandeen was stalking me this morning?  As was his cat?  Well, actually, the cat thing was sort of stalking, but that is another matter....   Weird how the mind of these kooks works.  Well, I guess he blocked me...

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Anonymous said...

It looks like the boy is upset and has turned to attacking a private individual over on transadvocate.
I wonder if his boss knows about this.

Its laughable Sandeen will attack you when you are 350 miles away.

Come after me Sandeen and see what happens. Its just like you Sandeen the sissy you are to attack someone who would have to drive 7 hours for a face to face meeting.

Been wearing those sissy cloths lately Autumn?