Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, I Watched "Work It."

I watched Work It the new ABC show that has been viciously attacked by the LGBT community as being prejudicial to transgender.  Over all, it was pretty silly.  It plays off of the idea that men suffer because women get special treatment, and of course the humor of men dressing up as women.  It had a few funny moments, but I would be surprised if it becomes a major hit.  Simply put, it is basically a one joke show, and they tend to run out of steam quickly. 

One has to wonder why transgender extremists object to this show, as it has nothing to do with "transgender."  It is about a couple of men who, in order to get jobs, impersonate women, while hiding this fact from their friends and families.  The seem to think that women have it easier.   They are clearly very chauvinistic.  They are clearly clueless about how women actually think, and are constantly acting in ways that make it obvious that they are really men.  Of course, this being TV, the people around them seem totally oblivious to the fact that men dressed as women are in their presence, and they are very happy with this fact.

I mean, really, this is clearly not about transgender people.  Transgender people want those around them to know that they are not the sex they are trying to impersonate.

Well, maybe it is not so odd that the transgender extremists are up in arms.  This show, for them, has to be like looking in the mirror.  The characters are clearly men parodying women.  Just like  "trans women."  They are clearly men, with male brains, thinking they can fool people.  Just like a "trans women."  But they are not supposed to be "trans women."  They are supposed to be men, victimized by women getting jobs that they can't.

It would be nice if the transgender extremists who have wasted time and energy ranting about this show used this as a learning moment, and gained some insight into their own absurdity, but that is clearly not going to happy.  Then again, if they did, it would put an end to one of the funnier aspects of human behavior, and all we would have left is a rather dumb TV show that will run out of jokes in a very short time.


Not your friend said...

There isn't much on TV worth watching, so I don't. Besides if those whiners don't like Work It they can write the show's sponsors and complain.

You would think nationally known blogger new age journalist and lifestyle transvestite would start a letter writing campaign. With all of his connections he could really capture the spotlight and buy a really nice pair of pink sunglasses instead of the cheap Chinese knock offs.
By the way have you seen the tranny tampon commercial?
It's funny, that's another example of the whiners doing nothing but whine.

Deena said...

Amazing. I just watched the reruns. That show reminds me of lots of youtube videos. I think Angel should get nominated for TG of the year honors.

On another note the scripts written for the actresses are atrocious. Misogyny at its finest.