Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Now This is Kind of Weird....

On the one hand, we have "Autumn" Sandeen....  He is just all upset because RuPaul made some nasty remarks about how transgender people should just get over their objection to being called a "Tranny."  In fact, Mr. Sandeen is so upset that he insists on spelling it "Tr**y."  Ironically, that bit of absurd theater sort of plays into RuPaul's arguments. 

On the other hand, we have none other than "Cristan" Williams defending the word.  Which is actually not that surprising since more often than not, Mr. Williams acts more like a misogynistic male than anything else.

Now, the word is an insult.  It is a diminutive for several words that begin with "trans."  I don't care for it personally, when it is used to refer to transsexuals.  I don't care for the way that many transgender kooks want to demand the right to use it to refer to themselves, but expect everyone else to not use it.  I also don't care for the tendency among African-Americans to use a certain term commonly referred to as the "N-word" to refer to each other.  I grew up in the South, and I saw the pain that word can cause.  Using it, whether you are white, black, or any other race, is not cute.  It is not clever.  It is not empowering.  It is just nasty.  It is a hateful word.

"Tranny" is not in the same class as the "N-word."  It is an insult, but it does not carry the long history that some insults do.  I don't like, I don't think people should use it, but I also think that transgender people should stop trying to play the victim.

Let's be blunt.  Transgender people, like Sandeen, and Williams, and any number of others, are trying to act in a way that they know is contrary to societal norms.  They are not expressing their true gender, but are trying to force people to accept them as something they are not.  They have NO desire to leave their pasts behind, and simply move into society as women.  They want to be transgender, not simply women.  They take delight in society's discomfort with their behavior, and enjoy nothing more than forcing people to smile, and act like they are really women, even as they look, act, and, let's be honest, identify as males.

True transsexuals are rare.  Transgender men who want to flaunt their behavior in society's face are dime a dozen.  They need to fact facts.  Their behavior is contrary to societal norms, and they are not making an effort to fit in.  If they insist on acting out, they should accept that a majority of people are not going to be comfortable with it.

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