Sunday, January 15, 2012

Credit, Where Credit is NOT Remotely Due

Well, a I pretty much expected, the ABC comedy Work It didn't last long.  Yes, the show that the LGBT community made a big fuss over has been canceled.  And I wonder how long it will be before some extremist tries to claim a victory?  A couple of transgender oriented blogs, including Mr. Cristan Williams' silliness, and Suzan Cooke's Women Born Transsexual, have made reference to its cancellation, but so far no one has claimed it was done to appease the transgender extremists who rose up in anger.

And, if they are honest, or well if they are smart, or well...  Yeah, chances are pretty good that there will be an attempt to spin this as a flexing of transgender muscle.  Except, it isn't.  The show was brought in to replace a show with horrible ratings (something called Man Up) and wound up with even worse ratings.  So, the reason it only lasted a couple of weeks is that it was just not a very appealing show.

I am still very much amused that the transgender extremists, especially those who claim to be women (after all, they have declared themselves to be women, so by hang, they are women and they will kick your keester if you suggest otherwise) seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that the show was far more insulting to women, than to transgender men dressed as women.

Well, it has been an interesting chance to observe them making fools of themselves, fighting a show that was not going to last very long, just so they could flex some muscle.  In the end, they ended up looking rather weak, and the show that they were so bent out of shape over was watched by only a few people, and now it is gone.  If they really cared about the show, all they had to do was wait a couple of weeks.  Instead, they clearly tried to bully ABC, and wound up looking rather weak.  If they try to spin this as a victory...well, they will just look even more foolish.


Angel said...

I saw some "we did it" headlines on TG Central, but I didn't bother clicking on them and reading the actual blog posts.

Like you, I watched the first episode to see what all the hubub was about, and I thought it was pretty stupid to say the least. I am not at all surprised that it was cancelled after a mere two episodes.

You said it was insulting to women, and that's where I beg to differ... I feel it was insulting to EVERYONE, or at least everyone with a brain.

Just Jennifer said...

Oh, I agree, the show was pretty much an insult to any one with a brain. But I was especially disturbed by the specifically misogynistic aspects of the show, like the implication that women are not affected by the recession. And as I have pointed out before, the idea that a company could ever get away with hiring only women as sales reps, specifically because doctors find them attractive is false, demeaning to women, and ignores the fact that a large number of doctors are women.

Not your friend said...

My best friend saw it and she loved it. She was disappointed to hear it had been canceled. Looks like the trannies have no sense of humor.

Looks like the penis people will be the official content censors for radio and TV.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, as I pointed out, the show had horrible ratings. I am not surprised. It is just not the sort of thing that most people would watch. Yes, it had some very funny moments. But if nobody watches, then the show is not going to last. Bottom line, the TGs had nothing to do with the show being canceled. Bad ratings did it in. If the show had attracted enough viewers, it would have remained on the schedule.

Not your friend said...

Lets hope that is the case Jen because I would hate to think they had that kind of power.