Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Perfect Example

Well, well, well....  This person who calls himself "Marlene" went running back to "Cristan" Williams complaining about all the nasty things I said about him.  Here is the comment he left:
As usual, the separatists hare having a hissy fit, love. The Just Jennifer blog’s whining and kvetching as if she’s ready to clutch her pearls and have a case of the vapors!
The part that pisses me off the most is referring to you and Autumn and others as “Mr.” because you don’t follow the rules and immediately get SRS.
I’m as transsexual as *that* bitch, but try saving up for surgery when you’re getting $200/mo in food assistance, a $400+ Section 8 voucher, and NO income whatsoever!
This classism has me mad enough to spit in these women’s faces and demand to know now many years they spent in the closet until they could afford their surgery? I can tell you that I was *never* in the closet as an adult, and I paid for it.
These bitches who hide for 30-40 years then suddenly tell their wives and kids “Guess what? I’m having a sex change!”, then have the fucking balls to criticize US because we didn’t to what *they* did? Cowards, bullies and hypocrites!
Now, first off, this sounds more like an overwrought gay male than a woman.  I mean, really...lines like "clutch her pearls," and referring to another as "love."  Oh, and "a case of the vapors. "  It is a very male idea of how women actually talk.

Now, again, this fellow just does not get it.  I don't criticize anyone for "not immediately getting surgery,"  I criticize them for claiming to be women with penises, and making it clear that they intend to keep their penises.  Or worse, for lying about having had surgery when they haven't.  "Autumn" Sandeen, as is well documented, claimed that being castrated was the same as full SRS.  It is not.

And it is rather odd.  This person seems to have some knowledge of Mr. Williams' surgical status that seems to contradict his claim of being "post-op."  I have questioned Mr. Williams' claim and now it appears I may be quite correct in doing so.

No, this person is clearly another person who identifies as "transsexual" and not as a woman.  The attitude is clearly misogynistic, and the writing style shows contempt for women.  Further, I am always amused by someone who claims to be a transsexual whose life is a complete disaster.  I was miserable for many years.  And my life improved when I transitioned.  So many of these "transgender" types seem to think that their life falling apart is "proof" that they are making the right choice.

When I began my transition I took a day to do my name change, a day to get my paperwork changed, and on the third day I found a job.  I have been through rough times, but I have also had the ability to work things out.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I went from "no income" to getting my surgery quickly.  

And as to "the closet," this is a LGBT paradigm which has no meaning for transsexuals.  We want to be who, and what, we really are.  People who speak of the closet in relation to being transsexuals are those who want to be something they are not.  They want people to know that they are transgender.  They want to mess with people's minds.  I am simply a woman.  They are simply rebelling against society.

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