Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missing the Point...

I love it when the gender fascists show that they really just don't get it....

In a recent post, "Cristan" Williams, everyone's favorite Hitchens wannabe, had this to say:
To me, this post represents the epitome of what’s wrong with TS Separatism. The credulity, the belief that only post-ops can have valid experience, views and/or voice and the hierarchical elitism… It’s just wrong on so many levels.
Okay...  The problem is.....all together now, IT'S A STRAW ARGUMENT!!!!

Yes, it is yet another straw argument from a gender fascist.  First off, the issue is not post-op versus pre-op, as all post-ops were once pre-ops... Well, DUH!  The issue is men, with intact penises, which they have NO desire to be rid of, who act like men (even in some cases where they claim to be fully post-op), who show not the slightest indication that they actually have a clue what being a woman is, trying to tell true transsexuals how they have to think, what they must call themselves, how they can feel, what they are allowed to believe, etc.

Now, there are those who claim to be "pre-op" but who are clearly non-op.  "Autumn" Sandeen went from being an avowed non-op to claiming to be pre-op (and desperately trying to deny ever being a non-op) to falsely claiming to be "fully" post-op (by redefining the meaning of post-op) after becoming a eunuch.  He now sort of, kind of, tries to suggest that he might have further surgery...after making it clear that he had no plans to.  Another good example is former avowed non-op "Monica" Helms who decided to claim to be surgery tracked (well, if the stars all aligned correctly, and he could get the VA to pay for it, and well, I guess if Hell froze over, and pigs start flying....whatever)  Of course, in all this, he attacked post-ops repeatedly.  Oh, and so did Sandeen...  Yeah, sure, and Mr. Williams wonder why people don't give them any credence?

And hierarchy?  Hardly.  How can there be a hierarchy when there is nothing in common.  It is those, like Sandeen, Helms, and other members of the boy's club, who feel the need to lie in order to gain some sort of imaginary credibility.  

And finally, there is no elitism.  Just a simple observation that there really is a difference in men and women.  And that some ho wish to claim to be women are simply delusional at best, and seriously insane at worst.

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