Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Perfect Example...

Ah, "Cristan" William's website is the gift that keeps on giving.  Even when Williams is not posting questionable claims, and suspicious evidence to back them up, his eager followers can post some pretty hilarious silliness.  Here is one from a person going by the name Tess McGowan that just shows the absurdity of the transgender mindset:
I was just going to post something like this. We never get to see the faces of separatists because they live in seclusion until they get their surgeries in the hopes that they can live a “normal life”. However, once they get their vaginal surgeries, many of them will walk the earth still having masculine traits (physical and mental) because they have NO IDEA how to live as a woman. It’s quite funny and sad if you think about it, the fact that these people have such high hopes that vaginoplasty will somehow magically change their lives when it’s just one milestone.
I giggle at separatists.
Now, this shows the sort of invincible ignorance that permeates the transgender extremists.  I don't know anyone who lived in seclusion before getting their surgeries.   I suspect what this person means is that some live in stealth, not participating in silliness like gatherings such as "Southern Comfort" or "Fantasia Fair," and not having one's photo published on some of the sillier web sites.  In another words, they simply transitioned and completed a proper Real LIfe Test.  My life was pretty normal before and after surgery.

Now, the really hilarious part is some transgender person making a comment like "have NO IDEA how to live as a woman."  Good grief!  People like Williams have no idea how masculine they come across.  He has a "win at all costs" attitude that is totally male.  Others, such as the example at hand, present as silly parodies of women, "giggling" their way through life.  Actually, it is the true transsexuals who see vaginoplasty as a very important milestone, but I not met one who thought it would do anything other than making them more comfortable in her own body.  And while that may not be magical, it does make a big change in one's life.

I remember cringing at my last examination by my surgeons before my SRS.  Having them sit their and examine that part of my body was pure torture.  I never felt comfortable having it looked at. Not long after that, I was on an exam table with a rather gorgeous doctor taking out some stitches.  It suddenly occurred to me that even as he had his face literally right up in my crotch, I felt no discomfort, no shame, no desire to flee.  That might seem odd to some who is rather attached to his male genitals, but for me, it is was a pretty big change.

Funny though, I didn't have to learn to be a woman.  I didn't have to go to support groups or silly transgender gatherings for the thrill of being taught how to walk, sit, and gesture.  It came naturally to me.  Which had a lot to do with being miserable for the period before transition.

The bottom line is, this foolishness sounds like the classic "more woman than you" silliness that is so popular with transgender people.  They don't get either or a woman, or you are not.  Their is not quantification of being a woman.  One is not a certain percentage of being a woman.  It is not something you learn, or build up points towards.  You simply are, or you are not.

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