Saturday, January 14, 2012

Too Funny!!!

Well, "Autumn" Sandeen has his panties in a wad over the possibility that a law might be passed in Tennessee that would forbid "trans people" from using public bathrooms.  The problem is, Mr. Sandeen did not read the actual law.  It would forbid people from using a bathroom the is designated for a sex other than the one on their birth certificate in state buildings.  It has nothing to do with the boys invading the ladies room at the local mall.

In another words, it is a rather silly bill, with limited effect, that affects a state about 2,000 miles from where Mr. Sandeen lives, but he was in a complete snit.   

Mr. Sandeen raises the usual "transgender" crap.  How will this law be enforced?  Well, I imagine that men, who look like men, in dresses, will have a problem.  Those who are credible as women won't.  What about "FTMs" who will be forced into the ladies room?  Uh, does Mr. Sandeen ever think rationally?  If an FTM has been on hormones for very long, chances are there will be NO problems.  Otherwise, using the ladies room would be the more discrete choice.

Again, I believe the simple answer is to pass a simple law that would ban going into a bathroom designated for the opposite sex with the exception of those who are surgery tracked transsexuals.  Therapists would issue a carry letter for those who need it, and there would be severe penalties for abuse.  (i.e. If someone is not surgery tracked, no letter would be allowed) Men playing dress up would just have to make arrangements.

And the truly funny part of all this is, while Tennessee is one of the few states that will not change birth certificates, post-op transsexuals visiting from other states would not have a problem.

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