Friday, January 13, 2012

Here We Go Again...

Well, "Cristan" Williams, who is vying for the crown of "King of the Gender Fascists" is at it again.  This time around, he is attacking Dana Lane Taylor for, well, for telling the truth.  Of course, Mr. Williams, as is his habit, is playing fast and loose with the truth.

In a post entitled Dana Lane Taylor: I Rise to Your Challenge Mr. Williams ignores what Dana actually said, and proceeds to create his usual brand of straw arguments.  Here is what was actually said:
The Transgender Leadership consists mostly of those who claim a female identity. I haven’t seen a single male crossdresser take a leadership role by lobbying for transgender rights. Almost every one of those who are in these roles identify as women. Now, why would this be? I think it is something a lot of people don’t think about but I bet those leaders know very well why.

And here is what Mr. Williams claims was said:
Today I found that I was the subject of yet another Dana Lane Taylor gauntlet throw-down. Dana is an opinion leader in the TS Separatist group and in this post she seems to claim complete ignorance of any crossdresser leadership within the trans community except for the evil Virginia Prince. Well, as with the last time Taylor threw out a challenge, I accept!
Now, I have highlighted a couple of things.  Dana says "mostly."  This is certainly a defensible position.  Mr. Williams, in another of his straw arguments (unlike him, I am using the term correctly) says that Dana seems to claim "complete ignorance."  Hmmm, now, if Dana had said there were "no" male crossdressers in leadership roles, Mr. Williams might have a point.  Dana does say she has not seen a single cross dresser take a leadership role in lobbying for transgender rights.  While we could quibble over the true nature of some of the leadership, she does have a point.  Lobbying is a very specific activity, which involves going and talking to legislators.  And while it can certainly be argued that some of the leadership of the transgender extremists are, for all practical purposes, male crossdressers I have to concede that is not how they claim to identify.  In fact, there seems to be some tendency, as they move into more prominent leadership roles, to claim identities as "transsexuals," and even surgery tracked while always making excuses why they are not actively pursuing surgery.

And that, quite frankly, is a major problem for Mr. Williams' argument.  It is odd that people who were card carrying members of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers From It" Club, such as, oh, "Autumn" Sandeen, and "Monica" Helms, rather suddenly decided they are transsexuals, and are seeking SRS....even as they make excuse after excuse about why they are not actually going to have surgery anytime soon.  And no, Mr. Sandeen's highly publicized castration does not count.  He has maintained a touching attachment to his penis.  In fact, Mr. Sandeen's behavior is another blow to Mr. Williams' argument.  Why this need to deceive about the nature of one's standing if being a crossdressing male is really okay.

Dana speaks the truth, and as usual, Mr. Williams tries to obfuscate, create arguments of straw, and generally avoid the truth.  The overwhelming, vast majority of people who identify as transgender are male crossdressers.  They are not people who actually have any real female gender, and who mostly want to play dress up and get off on being in women's clothes.   But, Mr. Williams is a classic gender fascist who tends to insist that transsexuals must accept the label of transgender.  When this is pointed out, he tries to hide behind the straw argument that he is not telling transsexuals that they cannot identify as transsexual.  Of course he doesn't.  He just insists that they must also accept the label "transgender," which is, of course, the original issue.

All of this rancor could be avoided Transgender extremists would just accept:

  1. That some people are not, and do not wish to be identified as transgender.
  2. That transsexuals by and large have NO desire to subvert, transgress, or transcend gender.
  3. That terms like "gender variant" and "non-cisgender" are often highly offensive to people who are transsexual.
  4. That just because they don't really identify as something other than their birth sex and gender, does not mean that others also don't identify that way.
  5. That in most cases they are not as clever as they think they are.
Update:  I have to admit, I was really taken in by Taylor.  This person was a self-deceiving fraud who has decided, after some soul-searching, that his is really "transgender" and is now Mr. Cristan Williams latest BFF...  And a full-fledged transgender kook to boot.  And yes, Mr. Taylor is now a full-fledged member of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers From It" Club as well.


Marlene said...

Hey, Jenny... not all of us can afford hormones, let alone surgery!

It's time to get out of your programming and realize, darling that Autumn and the others you disrespected by calling them "Mr.", ARE women just as much as YOU are!

Stop this separatist, classist "I'm better than you because *I've* had surgery and *you* haven't!" bullshit, because it does us no good when it comes to fighting for our civil rights!

Some knuckle-dragging, Limbaugh-listening Neanderthal won't give a goddamn whether or not you've had surgery if he splits your head open with a fire extinguisher like what happened to Angie Zapata, or bust your head into a pulp like what happened to Gewn Araujo.

All he's going to see is another 'tranny' to take out because his "minister" said we were a threat to women in the toilet and the changing room!

Just Jennifer said...

ROTFL! If you really need them, you will find a way. Hormones are especially affordable. On occasion, I paid for them out of my own pocket, and I was seriously under employed. As to surgery, lots of people have managed to scrape together enough, because they needed it.

Let me say, if you don't need hormones and surgery enough to find the money, then don't have them. It would be a mistake. You are clearly not a transsexual, no matter how much you prefer that label. Guess what? There is no hierarchy. Transsexuals are not better than transgender people, just different. We have NOTHING in common, so stop trying to claim to be us when you are not.

Surgery, or hormones are not what makes one a woman. Sandeen could have full SRS tomorrow and he would still be a man. He doesn't have surgery because he is a man, but having it would really change nothing.

You see, being a woman actually is an objective fact, not a subjective concept that occurs, magically, because someone decides one day, "I am now a woman." It is something you are born with. It is exhibited over a lifetime.

I'll be blunt, other than the rights that everyone should have, I have zero interest in extending your civil rights. I do not think you have the right to invade women's space. I do no think you have the right to force an employer to put up with your behavior.

And to put this in terms that you probably won't understand anyway, I am not out, loud, and proud. None of the men I have had relations with have known I was transsexual. I have no problems. To most, I am simply a tall woman (5' 10" the same height as Princess Di). I don't live, as you so self-derprecatingly put it, as a "tranny."

And I got news for you sir, as a woman I happen to think you are a threat in the women's room and changing room. So please, stay out of them.