Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh MY! The Men in Dresses Are Having a Hissy Fit!!!!

Since I basically shredded Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen's puff pieces in support of Mr. "Cristan" Williams', and Mr. "Dana" Taylor's claims that they have uncovered the true name of GallusMag, they have been frantic.  I have been subjected to regular cyberstalking on Twitter, by those three, the comments on Mr. Sandeen's column at LGBT Weekly have been removed, and in general they are beside themselves with anger and hate.

The cyberstalking on Twitter has ranged from the hilarious (Mr. Taylor's remark about my blog getting no comments...perhaps he hasn't noticed that the same is true for most of the latest drivel at Transadvocate) to the downright hateful (Mr. Sandeen has again tried to drag my daughter into this).  This is nothing new, and before, Mr. Taylor was heavily involved.  When all this started a bit over a year ago, my daughter was very upset at what these creeps were up to.  Of course, they could care less about how some mere woman feels.  They have shown that, time and time again.

Again, they have taken a comment that my daughter made at a time when we were estranged.  What caused this is really none of their business, and I refuse to violate my daughter's privacy.  Simply put, we have a disagreement, and we did not speak for a while.  Then, she contacted me, and we patched things up.  End of story.  Contrary to some of the crap they have tried to read into this, we are very close.  I speak to her regularly on the phone, and since that time, I have visited her, and my grandchildren a number of times.  I am also, contrary to some rather outrageous claims, on good terms with my ex.

As to the rest of their claims, they have made quite a bit out of stuff they have no capacity to understand.  As I have pointed out many times, none of these three are transsexuals (well, Mr. Williams is a possible exception, having possibly become what would be, effectively an FTM).  All three are basically fetishistic crossdressers who have crossed over to full time.

The stuff my daughter made reference to, again at a time when she was angry with me, was from the time before I made my transition.  I was, quite frankly, non-functional as a "man."  Yes, my ex supported us.  When you are basically living a lie, it can be hard to keep a job.  Like other transsexuals, I had to basically create a false shell to hide inside of.  That was true from childhood.  I remember having to pretend to care about things I was expected to like, and having to hide what I really wanted.  For example, I learned to tell people that my favorite baseball player was Roger Maris.  Now, I could not have told anyone what position he played, any thing about his record, or probably even what team he played for.  But, I could simply give that as an answer to a common question, and people were satisfied.  In truth, I hated sports, and considered them a nuisance because they kept me from getting to watch what I wanted on TV.

I also learned that being honest about other interests would, at best, cause me to be mocked by my peers, and my father, and at worst could result in my suffering abuse.  When I was in elementary school, I regularly hid what I really wanted, or felt, because otherwise, I would have received regular beatings for being a sissy.  Actually, on more than one occasion, I got them anyway.  On rare occasions, when I trusted someone, I usually found it to be a mistake.

These three clowns understand none of this.  They had no problems being men.  Mr. Sandeen, for example, served for TWENTY years in the U.S. Navy, as a man, without any real problems.  Truth be told, I would not have lasted 20 days.  Now, I know, some will argue that many women serve in the Navy, and this is quite true.  But, they are serving as women, and what they go through is radically different.  Of course, I doubt Mr. Sandeen can even comprehend something like that.

Likewise, Mr. Taylor had a relatively successful career as a man, as did Mr. Williams.  In fact, a photo of Mr. Williams in a full beard was recently published on Gender Identity Watch.  I find that rather interesting, since when I hit puberty, I rather obsessively tried to hide the fact that I was sprouting facial hair, and tweezed them out until there was too many, and then secretly shaved to avoid having to go through the time-honored ritual of having my father teach me to shave.  In fact, my parents were rather puzzled that I didn't seem to shave even after I was married.  And I could never, ever, imagine actually growing a beard or even a mustache. 

No, before I transitioned, I was not a very pleasant person to be around.  I was often very angry at the world, and suffered from depression, and self-hatred.  Unlike these three, who seem to have had no problem being men, and still don't.  And they have no idea what actually being a transsexual actually is...though they still keep trying to claim that transsexual, and transgender men like them, are really all the same.

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