Friday, October 24, 2014

The Stalking of GallusMag

One of the blogs I regularly read is Gendertrender.  It is edited by a person who goes by the pseudonym of "GallusMag" which was the nickname of a 6-foot-tall female bouncer at a New York City Water Street bar called The Hole in the Wall in the early 19th century, who figures prominently in New York City folklore.  Her real name is not known

Herbert Asbury, in his book The Gangs of New York wrote:
"It was her custom, after she’d felled an obstreperous customer with her club, to clutch his ear between her teeth and so drag him to the door, amid the frenzied cheers of the onlookers. If her victim protested she bit his ear off, and having cast the fellow into the street she carefully deposited the detached member in a jar of alcohol behind the bar…. She was one of the most feared denizens on the waterfront and the police of the period shudderingly described her as the most savage female they’d ever encountered."
The modern day GallusMag, who's real name is also unknown, is a radical feminist who is giving the transgender kooks fits because she regularly exposes some of their sillier moments.  On her blog, she writes about many of the same issues that I cover here.  And because she has done so well at it, her real name is highly sought after by the nastier of the transgender extremists, especially Mr. "Cristan" Williams, who has a long history of attempting to harass anyone who dares disagree with his extremist views.

Recently, Mr. Williams, among others, thought they had reached their goal.  He even bragged about it on Twitter. 

GallusMag was supposedly identified as a particular woman, who I will not name, but once again, a denial was quickly issued.  Ironically, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, Mr. William's faithful lapdog, published the claim that this time they had GallusMag, for sure, including the claim that no denial had been made, thus proving that this was the one, true name of their sworn enemy.  Of course, facts are not really the friend of kooks like Mr. Sandeen and Mr. Williams.

The sad thing is, this sort of behavior is common among the transgender kooks.  GallusMag, contrary to Mr. Sandeen's claims, does not "doxx" transgender men. No, I am not going to use Mr. Sandeen's term, and refer to them as "trans women," because, quite frankly, the people GallusMag tends to expose are most assuredly not women.

I don't agree with everything that GallusMag says, and I am sure we would have much to disagree about, but I do respect her right to both freedom of speech, and privacy.  In his article, Mr. Sandeen, who likes to style himself as the transgender "Martin Luther King, Jr." goes into a spiel about how no one should threaten violence against GallusMag.  Perhaps he is sincere, or perhaps he is hoping to be ignored.  I do know that such threats are a regular tactic by some of the nastier of the men-in-dresses crowd.

Nevertheless, this sort of behavior is nothing short of sick.  Posting the name of someone who wishes to remain private is inexcusable.  Some, like Mr. Sandeen are extremist in their believe that everyone should be "out, loud, and proud," to the point that Mr. Sandeen has zero respect for privacy rights.  Of course, Mr. Sandeen has no real desire to be a woman, and certainly not female.  He just wishes to force people to accept his false claims, and pretend he is both.  And he wants to force his rather bizarre situation on others.

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