Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen Plays the Censorship Card....AGAIN!!!

Well, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, who hates the idea of people having privacy, and who has falsely claimed that GallusMag has been outed, has pulled one of his favorite tricks and gotten the comments on his column at LGBT Weekly totally stripped of comments.  Funny, he seemed to have no problem with it when people are viciously attacking people who disagree with him.  In fact, none of the previous comments have been removed.  Just the ones from the current article, where a number of people had pointed out the problems with Mr. Sandeen's phony claims.

Anyone visiting his current article will be met with this bit of silliness from the "Associate Editor":
Dear San Diego Community:
It is unfortunate that LGBT Weekly is forced to suspend the ability of those who are engaged with our Trans Progressive columnist Autumn Sandeen and the transgender community. LGBT Weekly has provided a forum for the transgender community since our first print edition in 2010. In fact, LGBT Weekly’s commitment to the transgender community is also represented by the inclusion of transgender in the name of our publication.Some members of the San Diego community have forgotten or do not understand the meaning of civil discourse; to engage in a discussion to enhance understanding. While most of the public comments have been civil, some have taken advantage of LGBT Weekly’s desire to balance civil discourse and free speech within a discussion forum.Many in our community are still in the closet and do not want to use their real names in discussion forums. This creates a situation where some hide behind anonymous names and email addresses to spew hateful, derisive comments. If LGBT Weekly were to implement a policy where all comments must have a person’s real name, those who are not out are excluded from the discussion. LGBT Weekly’s global view is more speech is better than less.Let us be clear, LGBT Weekly provides the transgender discussion forum at our sole discretion. We will work with the transgender community to try to arrive at a solution to protect the identities of those in the community who are not out, to provide a forum for civil discourse, as well one that protects free speech. Until that time, all commentary in this discussion forum is suspended.
Of course, in trans-speak, hateful and derisive means "effectively refuting someone who adheres to the transgender party line."  In truth, no one commenting in that forum uses their real name.  But, there are a number who regularly whine about others not doing so, as well as regularly remarks, including this rather outrageous statement by Mr. Sandeen about GallusMag:
GallusMag’s identity is now known – she now has the opportunity before her own speech under her own name, with all the positive and negative consequences that can occur from writing under one’s own name. My thoughts, my prayers, is that violence of any sort isn’t part of the consequences of her being fully doxxed.
Besides being totally false, this comment shows Mr. Sandeen's total disregard for the rights of others.  GallusMag has chosen to write anonymously, and Mr. Sandeen needs to respect her right to do so.  Just because Mr. Sandeen ignores the advice, "Fool's names, and fool's faces are often seen in public places," does not mean that everyone wants their privacy invaded.  Given that more than a few transgender kooks have made violent threats against those who disagree with them, including some by Mr. Sandeen himself, it is not surprising that many women want to maintain distance from them.

Oh, and one more curious fact...LGBT Weekly does not list an associate editor.  So, one has to wonder who actually pulled this stunt.  There is no question that Mr. Sandeen had a role.  He has a long history of censoring critics, having done so in the past at Pam's House Blend (he once banned me from there for something I wrote here) but also at LGBT Weekly.  I imagine he probably pitched a hissy fit and demanded they remove the comments this time, as they were largely against him.  Even his meat puppets were getting drowned out.

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