Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Somewhat Scary Email

Well, it appears that David Lask, who calls himself Diane Lask, the obsessive stalker who has been harassing me for years, is up to his old tricks.  Now, he has sent me an email in which he makes it clear that he knows my current address, claims he knows my phone number (he mentions my carrier), and then proceeds, in his typical style, to make his usual round of lies.  He has little idea of what he is talking about.  

I am pretty sure it is Lask, because he again makes the claim of having a Corvette (he claimed this before, and it turned out to be a lie).

Sorry, but my relationships with my daughter is just fine...unlike some people who are writing about how they are so depressed this time of the year.  I am considering a trip back to visit my daughter and grandchildren next year, so the claim that "you will never see your grandchildren" is also bogus.  And, as he should be aware, I am clearly not homeless.

Oh, and as to my relation with God, well he is wrong about that as well.

Of course, this could be someone impersonating Lask, but given the nature of the message, I think contacting the police, and filing charges will be appropriate.  A message such as this carries implied threats, and would certainly fall under laws against stalking.  I do believe he has gone a bit too far.  And, well, depending on the anonymous server he used, he may, or may not, be easy to trace.

Oh, and for those who may not remember, or who may be new to this blog, Mr. Lask is the kook who terrorized people on for years.  He harassed anyone he considered unworthy.  The ironic part was, Lask turned out to be a classic transgender, non-op, having had a history of being a member of a group that was pretty much a local variant of the Tri-Ess type cross dresser's club in San Francisco.  His best friend, who died at his keyboard was a guy who called himself "Cheryl Mullins."  That person, who also lied about being a post-op, turned out to be an intact male.

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