Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bit Cranky...

In scholarly circles, the term "crank" is used to refer to those people, usually with little or no actual academic training, who claim to have solved some classic math problem, or to have discovered some new "theory" in physics, or such.  They are, of course, inevitably wrong, and in many cases, their "discovery" is quite imaginative.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about these people:

  1. Cranks overestimate their own knowledge and ability, and underestimate that of acknowledged experts.
  2. Cranks insist that their alleged discoveries are urgently important.
  3. Cranks rarely, if ever, acknowledge any error, no matter how trivial.
  4. Cranks love to talk about their own beliefs, often in inappropriate social situations, but they tend to be bad listeners, being uninterested in anyone else's experience or opinions.

Well, "Cristan" Williams has now earned that title.  He has dismissed quite a bit of scholarly research in favor of his clearly biased ideas concerning the origins of the term "transgender."  He claims that someone, vaguely referred to as "Dr. Rawson," travelled across the country, to view the Houston transgender archives.  I would assume, following a bit of quick research on Google, that this is "K.J Rawson," who lectures at the University of Kentucky, and who seems to like the word "queer" an awful lot.  While my original impression was that Rawson probably identifies as "genderqueer," I have been informed that the correct identity is "female to male transgender person."

Anyone who has dealt with Williams can tell you that the four points above are dead on with regards to his behavior.  

So, we have a kook who thinks he knows more than real academics now claiming that his research trumps that published in peer reviewed journals.  Oh well...

I would strongly urge Dr. Rawson to take anything found in the archives created by Mr. Williams with a very large grain of salt.


KJRawson said...
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KJRawson said...

I am Dr. K.J. Rawson. Your blog post makes a number of inaccurate assumptions regarding my gender identity and my academic rigor. If you would like to discuss my published works, I would be happy to have a dialog with you. In the meantime, I would appreciate if you would remove your libelous comments.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, I am willing to discuss the matter, and I am open to hearing how I am inaccurate. I am certainly open to hearing where I am wrong about your gender identity. I realize that there is a variety of terms, and if "genderqueer" is not the appropriate term, I will be more than willing to correct that.

As regards your academic rigor, well your association with Mr. Williams certainly, at the very least, calls that into question.

BTW, "libelous" is a rather loaded term.

Again, I am certainly open to discussing the matter. In the meantime, I stand by my comments.

KJRawson said...

In my academic peer-reviewed and published work I have been clear that I am a female-to-male transgender person and male pronouns are appropriate. That I have done research in an archive run by the Transgender Foundation of America does not have any impact on my academic rigor or capabilities nor does it warrant referring to me as a "kook" who conducts biased research. If you have any specific inquiries about my research I would be happy to address those.

Just Jennifer said...

I see... You will have to forgive my confusion, since while researching your name, one of the first things I found was an article where "gender neutral" pronouns were used, and which mentioned you being reported for being in ladies room, and your subsequent "passing" as female. That led me to believe you were "genderqueer" identified, as did your photo.

I have corrected the article to reflect your stated identity, and I have removed the reference to you being a kook. I do strongly urge you to take anything claimed by Mr. Williams with a grain of salt...and a rather large one at that. Otherwise, your academic rigor really will be subject to question.