Thursday, May 17, 2012

The New York Times Did Nothing Wrong

The transgender kooks have been out in force, blogging about how the New York Times is transphobic for simply telling the truth about a "trans woman" who died in a fire.  They are upset because the Times, according to them, was disrespectful.  The most absurd comment comes from the GLAAD Blog:
Unfortunately, the problem with the Times’ article on the death of Lorena Escalera, a transgender woman of color, is bigger than their “choice of words” or with their attempt to “capture” her story. It’s their failure to recognize trans women as women.
I hate to break it to GLAAD, and all the other "name it, and claim it" kooks out there, but no, Lorena Escalera was not a woman.  This person was someone who wore women's clothes, presented to the world as a woman, probably took hormones, but who was, essentially, a transgender male.  I have seen nothing that indicates that this person had undergone surgery, or that they had any plans to.

This person worked as an entertainer, and as an escort.  In another words, they made their living off of the fact that they were really a male who dressed as a woman.  Sorry, but that does not make one a woman anywhere, except possibly, the fantasy world that kooks like "Autumn" Sandeen, and "Cristan" Williams.

It is sad that this person died, and I am sure that family and friends are grieving, but it is also sad that this person is being used to further an extremist political agenda that seeks to completely subvert reality in the name of some bizarre form of political correctness.

What the New York Times did was the present facts about this person, and their death.  They did not hide the raw truth about how this person lived.  That this upsets the same transgender kooks who attack transsexuals who want no part of their freak show is a bit hypocritical.  Here was a person who was the living embodiment of "transgender."  And they are upset that this is being exposed.  And yet, they complain that transsexual women often desire stealth.  We are attacked for trying to simply live normal lives. 

Once again, this exposes the transgender extremist's real agenda.  It is not about "being who they really are," but about forcing society to accept an absurd view of sex and gender.

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