Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Really Can't Make This Stuff Up...

This has to be one of the silliest things I have read in quite some time. If there was any question that "Autumn" Sandeen is a man, this puts it to rest... He has put up a
"A Shopping List Of Trans Women’s Shame."  That is, a list of things that Mr. Sandeen thinks that "transwomen should be ashamed of.  Now, as I have pointed out many times, the term "transwoman" is an oxymoron.  That is, it is a contradiction of terms.  You can be a woman, or you can be "trans" but you cannot be both...  So here are some highlights from the list:

1. When someone says to us they’d no idea that we’re trans, we feel complimented.

     Well, of course one feels complimented.  Why would this be a "shame?"  Unless, like Mr. Sandeen, you actually are a man....

2. When someone says to us they’d guessed we’re trans, we’re heartbroken.
     Again, why bother transitioning if you are just going to be seen as a man?

7.  We avoid discussing our dicks.
     Why do I suspect that this is one of Mr. Sandeen's favorite topics to discuss?

8. We avoid discussing taking hormones with nontranssexual people.
     Perhaps because they are really not that interested?

9. We avoid discussing our operative status with nontranssexual people because we don’t want to be thought of as men — no matter what our operative status.
      don't know about you, but I am beginning to suspect that Mr. Sandeen wants to be seen as a man....

10. If we haven’t had a vaginoplasty at this snapshot in time, we avoid discussing our operative status with our post-operative trans peers because we feel obligated to justify why we haven’t had a vaginoplasty.
     Well, in Mr. Sandeen's case, it is simple.  They will take his penis when they pry it from his cold, dead fingers....

11. If we have had a vaginoplasty, we grade the shape of our genitalia by how “normal” and nontranssexual these look.
     So, in Mr. Sandeen's mind, having a messed up vagina is a plus?  Really?

12. If we’ve had a vaginoplasty, we don’t discuss dilating and surgery with nontranssexual people.
     Again, mostly because they REALLY, REALLY DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE DETAILS!!!!!  Seriously, Mr. Sandeen, of course, knows nothing about such things, as he is not a transsexual, has not had, and if he is smart, never will have, a vaginoplasty.

13. We convince ourselves after our vaginoplasties that we no longer have dicks.
     Well, simply put, WE (a term which specifically excludes Mr. Sandeen) do not have dicks.  And why we would want to imagine we still do is beyond me.

14. We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties that we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas have no possibility of lubricating like nontranssexual women’s vaginas do.
15. We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas have to be stretched with dilator to make the depth as close to nontranssexual women’s vaginas as possible.
16. We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas will never be capable of passing a newborn through them.
     In these three, we see classic Sandeen.  He hates post-op women, and does his best to belittle us, and loves to denigrate our vaginas.

17.  When we see nontranssexual women who are pregnant, we feel defective.
     I cannot speak for all women of transsexual history, but I know I have the same urges and desires as any other woman.  And yes, it hurts to know that I will never bear a child.  Now, I realize this is foreign to Mr. Sandeen, who is clearly not remotely a woman, and this sort of remark is typical of him.

18. We use “normal” to describe ourselves.
     I would never use "normal" to describe Mr. Sandeen.

27.  We choose to be stealth so that we personally don’t experience employment and housing discrimination.
28.  We choose to be stealth, even knowing trans people who come after us will experience the same discrimination we did early in our transitions — and we do nothing to make their transitions easier than our own transitions were.
     The only real reason to choose to be stealth is so one can actually experience life as a woman, not as a "transgender."  I realize this is a concept completely foreign to Mr. Sandeen.

Seriously, this is the real face of the transgender kook.  This is what they are really thinking, and this is so completely foreign to real transsexuals that I honestly cannot accept "Autumn" Sandeen, and his ilk, as anything other than men impersonating women.


flow said...

he's funny :)

"after having a penectomy - we no longer have dicks"
well, duh!

is it only me, but i'm pretty sure all my bits lubricate all on their own. and don't need constant dilation.

and what woman _woudn't_ be heartbroken to get called a guy, based on her looks. that's gut wrenching whatever way you were born.

the rest of his stuff is pretty normal TG crap. i figured out recently it boils down to "let's try and destroy post-op TS women's self image so that they can't stand up for themselves any more and so mistakenly support our male causes because they (at last) no now longer see themselves that anything else than deluded men". Sorry, TG nutters. it isn't going to work.

i believe these guys are SO egotistical that they honestly cannot conceive of a point of view that is not their own. They know that _they_ are not women, so they assume all TS are like them. How else can they spew such poison so consistently?

mad. the lot of them. it is a real shame that the backlash has started. i hope that the true TS women don't get caught up in it.

Just Jennifer said...

"i believe these guys are SO egotistical that they honestly cannot conceive of a point of view that is not their own. They know that _they_ are not women, so they assume all TS are like them. How else can they spew such poison so consistently?"

Exactly. They really cannot see any other viewpoint. They simply cannot conceive that anyone would not agree, unless of course, we are so completely "internally transphobic" that we are beyond redemption. That is usually their answer to anyone who seriously disagrees with them. Unfortunately, that becomes a sort of catch-all response that allows them to dismiss valid arguments and to substitute their warped concept of reality.

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