Monday, May 7, 2012

A Darn Good Question!

In response to "Autumn" Sandeen's rather absurd post on "trans women's shame" a person who goes by the name of "Miz Know It All" has posed a rather fascinating question for Mr. Sandeen....
Autumn I want to thank you for opening my eyes!
Before this I was a deluded fool. I had these clearly erroneous thoughts that I was somehow just a female when I clearly am not! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Now that my eyes are open I am going to shed my shame and start proclaiming my trans-enss to the world! But before I do… would you mind telling me how do you think should we should refer to you Autumn Sandeen? Should we follow your Gladd Media Guide and refer to you as the “gender” you identify as, though all our senses say otherwise? ” Do we say Yes Ma’am! No Ma’am” to your face, with a wink wink nudge nudge titter titter the moment your back is turned? Or should we just go with what is clearly there for the sake of “trans-honesty… “”Hey Buddy! Yeah you! You over there in the dress with the ratty hair and the goofy beret! Get a job!”
I mean, the ONLY reason I would even bring that up is that by your rather comprehensive postulations on trans-shame. Shouldn’t you, as the activist and a leader in the community be proud of your being a man! After all Autumn, you still have a functioning god given phallus, you fathered children, you were married in the Catholic Church to the woman who bore your children and you passed Navy medicals for twenty years as a man. So it stands to reason that as you have been recognized as such by pretty much every social structure there is, you are indeed a man!
So why is that not part of your trans-shame list? Why is it that my wanting to be a normal woman, an act of such intense shame, when your pretending that you are something you clearly are not (female) is an act of strength and courage? Get real Autumn You really can’t have it both ways you know. If we are as you say never to be ‘real” women, then as the morphology is rather limiting we are men. And in that same vein, if you and we are the same as you say we are, then ergo. you too ARE male! So why not go with it? Fess up! Be a man! Stand up and be loud and proud of your proclivity for gender f*****g as a dude! Well albeit a ball-less one these days! I mean why not march yourself into the nearest men’s room and proclaim loudly your right to use these facilities as a man in a dress! A man who has every right to dress and act however he wants and to pee freely when he needs to!
Oh but that is not going to happen is it? If you use the mens room dude then your fantasy would be broken. You couldn’t as a man then stand behind Janet Mock, or Jenna Talackovaand saying I am just like “Her” because, well according to you she ain’t a she! She’s a he, you know, just another dude, dude!
 Darn, and it was such a grand idea too! C’est la vie!
Now, I seriously doubt this question will actually be answered by Mr. Sandeen, and to be honest, I also doubt it will be around for very long.  I rather strongly suspect that the post will quickly disappear, and the person who posted it will quickly disappear.

But this raises questions that should be answered.  More than anything I have seen, this really exposes the nasty things crawling around when you turn over the rock called "the transgender movement."  And still, some fools actually wonder why we don't want to be associated with that label...

Postscript:  Some kook calling him/herself "Penny G" posted a comment on Mr. Sandeen's blog claiming that I posted this "full nine minutes before it was ever viewable" on Pam's House Blend and then goes on to reach the incorrect conclusion that I am Miz Know It All.  Nope, I am not said person.  I read the comment on Mr. Sandeen's blog, and copied and pasted it into mine.  I suspect this person is a rather vicious cyberstalker who has been attempting to harass me for years, and is doing this as part of his obsession with me.  But no, I don't post comments on Pam's House Blend, and unlike "Penny G" I don't post as sock puppet.  If I am not mistaken, that person also tried to harass me when I commented on Mr. Sandeen's column at "LGBT Weekly."  In fact, I think that person got himself moderated there for a rather nasty comment that attempted to "out" me.  

In any case, as someone else pointed out, it could (and in this case is, due to differences in time zones).

Post-postscript:  Well, as predicted, Mr. Sandeen has censored Miz Know It All's comment, and coward that he is, he did it without even offering an explanation.  It simply "disappeared."  Of course, he can't answer her question.  And irony of ironies, he left the kook Penny G's comment, which now stands without context, but which does still contain a link to here, so anyone can still see the question Mr. Sandeen is so afraid of.

Oh, and a reminder...unlike most, if not all, transgender kook blogs, I don't censor messages unless they involve privacy violations, or, perhaps, involve unwarranted attacks on other people commenting.  Which is why most of the kooks will bother answering stuff here.  They are terrified of dealing with an even playing field.  If they can't control the debate, they know they will lose.  

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