Sunday, June 3, 2012

Misusing MLK...again.

It is no secret that "Autumn" Sandeen believes himself to be the transgender extremist version of Martin Luther King, Jr., an affectation that is both false, and insulting to the legacy of King.  But in his latest bit of silliness, he not only abuses what King actually meant, he pretty exposes  the real nature of transgender extremism, and again affirms why real transsexuals both disavow Sandeen, and want no part of his silliness.

When King said that the Civil Rights movement did not make "the white man feel comfortable" he was talking about people's conscience, their sense of right and wrong.  I grew up in Birmingham, AL, and I remember well the Civil Rights movement.  It worked because it was about doing the right thing.  People were mistreated simply because of the color of their skin.  If you were black, or as it was termed then, "colored," you had to use separate restrooms, separate water fountains, had to sit in the back of the bus, and in many cases, were not allowed to enter many restaurants.  People who challenged these laws were subjected to violence in the form of vicious dogs and fire hoses.  King himself was jailed simply for non-violent civil disobedience.  And the laws changed, and because people were effectively confronted with their bigotry, they changed as well.

What made people uncomfortable was their own behavior, their own prejudices that had no basis in anything real, but were simply born of what some would call human depravity.  King, who was a Christian minister, confronted this as, quite literally, the sinful behavior that it was.

But, when Sandeen talks about making people uncomfortable, he is talking about being the one doing things that are wrong.  He is talking about men such as himself, forcing themselves into women's spaces where he does not belong.  He is talking about forcing society to change the very rules that have guided humanity to this point.  He is not seeking to right a wrong, but instead is trying to force society to accept lies such as that women have penises, and that simply saying one is a female makes it so.

King's goal was not to make society uncomfortable, he was seeking to improve society for the benefit of all.  Sandeen is seeking to force society to accept things that are simply wrong.  People like Sandeen are not trying to persuade society to stop being bigoted against human beings for absurd reasons, but are trying to force society to accept behavior that is, quite frankly, unacceptable.  They are not seeking rights, but instead are seeking license to misbehave.

No, the transgender extremists derive their identity, and their pleasure, from making people uncomfortable.  That is their reason for existing.  Not to make society better, but to simply make society accept their own misbehavior.

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