Friday, February 15, 2013

Mr. Sandeen Can't Hide From the Truth

Well. apparently the man who loves censorship has convinced LGBT Weekly to again let him hide from the truth. For a while, they seemed to be preventing him from his usual tricks. Then he posted a self-aggrandizing piece called A decade of Autumn. When challenged on the fact that he clearly engaged in fraud when he obtained a falsified birth certificate, Mr. Sandeen first tried avoiding the issue, then finally published a link to a fact sheet from the Transgender Law Center on the law that streamlined the process.  Then, when certain facts, like the fact that the doctor who castrated him (the full extent of his surgery) was contacted, and without making reference to any specific patient, stated that anyone claiming that he had said that castration was a basis for claiming a change of sex was mistaken, and that he remains a male physically, he started having comments removed.  In another words, Mr. Sandeen conned his doctor, and lied to the courts, and does not want the truth to come out at LGBT Weekly.  

Then, the real irony is, the site flagged for moderation a post that quotes the San Francisco Superior Court as saying:
In order to ask the Court for a gender change, you have to give the Court an affidavit from your physician documenting the sex change. You must have undergone gender reassignment surgery in order to ask for a gender change order. 
This contradicts Mr. Sandeen's claims.  There are not specifics on the San Diego Superior Court site, but since this is based on State law, it has to be assumed that the standards are the same.  Mr. Sandeen has not had "gender reassignment surgery" (an absurd term pushed by TG extremists) and his sex has not been changed.

Apparently, Mr. Sandeen is getting all comments blocked without approval now.  Typical.  He hates the truth, and lies when he claims that he is a transsexual.  He is not a transsexual, not a woman, and most assuredly not a female.


Nelson Garcia said...

Have you ever asked Stampp Corbin, the publisher of LGBT Weekly, why he allows Autumn to write for them, given all the complaints about him?

Just Jennifer said...

No, because unlike Mr. Sandeen, I do not believe in censorship. I disagree with him, but I respect his right to express his drivel.

Nelson Garcia said...

Yeah, sure, everyone has right to their free speech, but does that also given them the right to tell people they’re above the law, above the critics and above and beyond reproach too?

To write to letters to your employees demanding they fire you for having an opinion of your own and not his?

Just Jennifer said...

Well, as regards the first, I think it is good that such things are exposed to the light of public opinion. Granted, Sandeen could have lied and claimed he had full surgery, but that is not his style. He has to brag about pulling off a fast one. I suspect he will get his comeuppance at some future point.

Now, cyberstalking is another matter. That crosses a line that should not be allowed.

Nelson Garcia said...

By the way, if you're looking to moderate comments, consider Disqus, Livefyre, or intensedebate.

There's also the Facebook comment widget, but I'm not sure how good that one is.

Take care, Nelson.

Erika Marie said...

Check this out:

This shows that transsexuals are no more likely to experience psychopathology than the general population. Of course, the article describing the article complains that "only gender binary trans people who were diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder" were studied. I think you'd bet that the rates of psychopathology would climb sky-high if the transgender umbrella groups were included.

Just Jennifer said...

That is not going to ho well with the "men in dresses" crowd. They don't like it being acknowledged that we are not all alike.