Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Don't Know Why Cooke is Confused

I just wanted to post a brief article about something that just showed up on Women Born Transsexual.  Suzan Cooke seems confused that Drew Cordes has a problem with gendered pronouns. The answer is simple. If Cooke just bothered with a bit of research, she would find out that Cordes, who had SRS relatively recently, almost immediately realized that he was not really a woman, and is now, as is sometimes sadly the case, yet another who has gone off the deep end for just that reason. I had doubts about Cordes, and was more than a bit surprised when he announced he had surgery. I was not surprised, shortly afterwards, when he started expressing regrets.

Of course, this sort of thing can be expected as, more and more transgender kooks push for surgery on demand. Like Cooke did not too long ago when she was telling people to "cowgirl/cowboy up" if they make a mistake.

Oh well....


Rosenkreuz said...

In a perfect world, surgery on demand would be great. So many transsexuals are of a mindset where they want to get the surgery yesterday. And god knows it'd be convenient to get gender markers changed pre-surgery, but then you have that flasher guy who I think was legally "female" and waved his dick around in a female sauna or some shit.

But them crayzee transvestites, nobody wants to be liable for a fetishist chopping the dick off and then going cuckoo. Hell, if I lost mine I'd be fucked up too (while my girlfriend wakes up every day hoping that the whole thing was a bad dream and the right parts are there)

Just Jennifer said...

That is the problem. Surgery on demand would quickly lead to a number of lawsuits, and either a ban on surgery because too many people are having bad results, or doctors dropping out because they are being sued into bankruptcy. And besides, doctors do have ethics.

What would be particularly bad would be surgery on demand coupled with it being covered by all insurance. The cost, and time, makes it less likely that a fetishist will maintain the interest. A lot of the cases involving regrets have happened in countries where there is no cost, like Canada and England.

I made sure I was doing the right thing, and I had no regrets. I have seen too many who clearly should not have had the surgery but who refuse to admit it. They tend to make life miserable for those who needed it.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

Worrying over external gender markers is a strange concept. All my troubles were internal, but aside from my name change nobody bothered to check my ID. What difference does an "F" make when one is not complete? I suppose perhaps some people are fulfilling an IDEAL they have fallen for, or they 'need' that F to gain access to something? I withdrew from the world, so maybe I just see it from a wallflower perspective.

I did not know Drew Cortes, and cant muster much interest in novel pronouns. Regret, though? What is there to regret? How can anyone have doubt and yet proceed anyway, I mean, ONLY NOW do they experience doubt? It all seems unlikely they NEVER experienced doubt in the years beforehand and then all of a sudden...!

Just Jennifer said...

I started my transition in Alabama which will not change the gender marker on a license until after surgery. I had maybe three people notice the "M" before I moved to San Francisco and was able to get a license with an "F." And of those who noticed, they all thought it was a mistake by the state. One suggested I sue them for it. People just don't notice.

It does seem odd, but some suddenly have regrets after surgery. I guess realizing that "it" is gone for good is a shock. Odd, but I remember my doctor asking me if I understood that surgery was irreversible. My reply was "Yes, and thank God for that."

Most who have regrets, do so when they realize that surgery does not change that much. For me, it had little direct impact. But, just being comfortable in my body was an immediate change. There was the one kook in England who had some very odd ideas about what life as a woman would be like. When it didn't materialize, he not only had regrets, he blamed his doctor his stupidity,