Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, Which Is It?

"Autumn" Sandeen has posted another rant against a radical feminist who opposes "transgenderism."  In this rant, which seems most geared towards pushing Mr. Sandeen's favorite cause, which is censorship of anyone who disagrees with him, he includes the following quote from Sheila Jefferys:
Since transsexualism is socially constructed then it is important to consider how to counter the promotion of the practice.

...The medical profession need not direct the gender dissatisfied to surgery. Counselling is possible to encourage clients to take a more political approach to their situation and to realize that they can rebel against the constraints of a prescribed gender role, and relate to their own sex in their native bodies. Unfortunately many doctors are so convinced of the existence of a phenomenon they define as transsexualism that they do not offer any approach apart from self-mutilation.
 Now, what puzzles me is that this could just as easily be a quote from, oh say, "Monica" Helms, or "Monica" Roberts, two leaders of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers From It" Club.  I mean, how many times have we seen transgender extremists, including Mr. Sandeen, attack transsexuals who insist that surgery is the defining issue separating transgender and transsexual?

And how many times have we seen transgender extremists attack people for having surgery, claiming that we should, in effect, learn to rebel against the constraints of a prescribed gender role while keeping our penis?  Oh, wait, that's just what Mr. Sandeen plans to do.  Remember his fraud, claiming he is having "genital reconstruction surgery" when all he is having is a castration, and then bragging about how he is going to use this to defraud the State of California into changing his birth certificate?  I can guarantee you, he will not likely tell the judge the full story.  He will present paperwork claiming he has had surgery to change his sex, and that will be a fraud.

And he will be doing just what he complains about Jefferys saying

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Not your friend said...

Those who are oppressed always take up the actions of their oppressors.

Sandeen will lie cheat and do anything to keep his penis and still be considered female Sandeen will also attack those who call Sandeen out for his actions.