Friday, July 22, 2011

What Bilerico Thinks is "Tasteful"

It is usually a pretty good bet that any given day will bring at least one clueless remark about transsexuals from someone at Bilerico.  But today's is a whopper.  Some guy named Austen Crowder mentioned that a video game called Street Fighter x Tekken now has a "playable trans character."  Apparently he is really, really excited about this,  But he is also excited that some comic strip called Manly Guys Doing Manly Things has what he calls "really, really tasteful."  Now, here is a comment made by the author of that strip that Crowder thinks is "really, really, tasteful."
The way I’ve heard the story told, Poison has possibly the most politically incorrect origin of any mainstream video game character I’ve heard of in my day. From what I understand it went something like this; 
“So we made this girl bad guy character for Final Fight.”
“No way! Unacceptable! We can’t have our macho hero dudes hitting women!”
“Well… What if she was a transexual? It’s okay to punch trannies, right?”
“Yeah, that sounds okay”
Now, what makes this all the more strange is the fact that it appears that Austen Crowder claims to be a transwoman.  This, of course, is classic Bilerico.  Crowder does not appear to make any real effort to remotely appear female.  His name is Austen.  He apparently is really into violent, macho video games about fighting and wrestling, and really loves that they have a trans character.  And he thinks it is really, really tasteful to suggest that hitting a transsexual is "okay."  I mean, this is the perfect transgender blogger for Bilerico.  He fits right in.


Austen Crowder said...

Did a quick google crawl and saw you referenced one of my Bilerico posts. As an afterword, SFxTekken was a really, really terrible game. :)

Anywho, its nice to finally have a gender-policing troll on my case. Joy! :D


Just Jennifer said...

Welcome sir.