Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Is Really Very Simple...

Females don't have penises.  

Of course, the transgender extremists don't like this.  They think women have penises.  Two examples of this have cropped up recently.  First, "Autumn" Sandeen is upset that the Veterans Administration will not change his "gender" marker to indicate that he is a female.  They want him to prove he has had a sex change, which of course he hasn't.  Mr. Sandeen claims he is pre-op transsexual.  More likely, he is a member of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry It From My Cold Dead Fingers" Club.  He somehow never seems to progress towards surgery.  He has suggested that he "might" have it when the VA will pay for it, but clearly he is not that interested.

Another example of this silliness comes from Alaska where the ACLU has decided to claim that not issuing a license to a transgender person who has not had surgery is unconstitutional.  I have no idea where in the constitution it says that males, with penises, have a right to be labeled as females, but apparently they think it does.

Now, in both of these cases, what is being requested is, in some locations, granted as a courtesy for those seriously pursuing sex reassignment surgery.  Well, at least that is the theory.  But Alaska is not one of those states.  Like several others, it only changes licenses when surgery is complete.

Jillian T. Weiss who has become the house transgender at the Bilerico Project  had this to say:

Of course, there are many types of sex reassignment surgery, and "complete" is a relative term.
Actually, no, There are really only two primary kinds of sex reassignment surgery...male to female, and female to male. Now, in the context of this article, the above statement is even more clueless. It might be arguable that if it were a female to male that "complete" is a relative term, but for a male to female, complete means you no longer have a penis, and testicle, and you now have a vagina. End of discussion. It does not mean you have only had an orchidectomy, or breast augmentation surgery, or facial feminization surgery. You have a penis, you are still a male.

If a state wishes to allow pre-op, surgery tracked classic transsexuals the right to change their licenses to facilitate their Real Life Test, they have my full support.  But that is not enough for the transgender extremists.  They will not be happy until society accepts that women have penises.  And that is just not right.


Dr. Jillian T. Weiss said...

"House transgender," that's pretty funny. I understand your objections, but I don't see a way to require that people go through a real life experience for a year, at least, and make them have identity docs that out them every time. I waited a few years before surgery, because I saw friends rush into it and, frankly, they weren't ready. It messed with their head pretty badly. Also, what about the people who have medical conditions that prevent them from genital surgery? And, of course, there's the money. I was lucky to have a boyfriend who had the money for the surgery and offered it at a time when I had a menial job. And what about the FTM's -- they rarely acquire a penis because the state of the art isn' that good and it's three times the price of the MTF surgery. I agree that if someone isn't transsexual and never intends to fully transition medically for no apparent reason that they shouldn't change their identity docs. But how do you determine that, on a practical level?

Just Jennifer said...

Well, it is Bilerico. I hate to break it to you, but quite a few states are that way. And guess what? It isn't the way you think. The first three years of my RLT was spent in Alabama. They will not change the license. I had one person notice. Her reaction? She thought it was a mistake and urged me to sue the state. I was hired three time (I worked for the same place twice, leaving for what I thought was a better job, and then coming back). They didn't notice when they checked my ID when I was hired. I got two tickets, and was in an accident once. Every time the officer did not notice, and the reports and the ticket said I was a female. Of course, if one is not credible as a female then it will be an issue, but having your license say "F" is not going to matter.

Now, I agree with you about people rushing into surgery. I took a similar approach. Medical conditions? I have never met anyone with a legitimate one. I have encountered people who make them up, but people who really want surgery will lie and risk death rather than live as they are. And that brings us to the classic, "I would have it, but I can't afford it." First off, people will find a way. I got lucky, and my insurance covered it. Which was really good, because the job I had, at the time, was half-time. I knew other people at the same employer who had the same coverage, who declined to take advantage. I was the first to have SRS in the entire organization, and a friend was the second. A lot of people who claimed to be interested suddenly got cold feet when they opportunity was there in front of them.

Now, FTMs are often used as a red herring. My first transsexual friend was an FTM and we discussed the subject in depth. First off, while it is true that most, quite reasonably, forego phalloplasty, hormones enlarge the clitoris and create a small penis. This can be freed up in a relatively simple, and affordable procedure. But in any case, I am willing to accept top surgery, full hysterectomy, and closing the vagina as complete surgery. I think things like the "pregnant man" are a bit much.

And I am surprised that you agree that people should not get documentation changed who do plan to have surgery. Say that at Bilerico and they will very likely run you off. How you determine that is simple. You require a certification from a therapist that they are seeking surgery, and you set time limits on how long they can have the marker on their license changed without completing surgery. I would say allow up to ten years, with maybe a five year extension possible. After that, it is pretty obvious they are not going to progress.

Not your friend said...


It looks like the Penis People have won a victory.

A sad day when anybody can get a birth certificate of their choice without having GRS.

Not your friend said...

It looks like our friend who believes transgender is for ever is trying to become female.