Monday, August 8, 2011

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Over at "EHIPASSIKO" the blog site of "Cristan" Williams, there is a new post that is, well, it is just unbelievable.  Williams tries to argue that, in the context of the bathroom, women are in as much danger, if not more, from other women, as they are from men.  That is, this "transwoman" is trying to say that men pose no more of a danger than other women.  Unbelievable!  And, of course, this is done with very questionable evidence.

Now, clearly, anything is possible.  The issue is not, "Are women totally and completely safe from possible assault and even rape if men are never allowed into a women's bathroom?"  That would be absurd.  The issue is, "Will women's safety, and their comfort, be affected negatively by the presence of men in dresses in the women's room."  This, of course, is completely lost on a gender fascist like Williams who wishes to assert that the moment a man puts on a dress, he becomes completely and fully a female with all attendant rights and privileges.  Williams joins with fellow kook "Monica" Roberts in proclaiming that they now have a "neo-clit" in their panties and that they are thus superior to natal women, and must be given special privilege. 

Now, Williams offers as evidence for this assertion a series of articles involving assaults, one rape, and a rather bizarre case (cited twice) of a pair of women engaging in sex in a bathroom,  apparently in front of a child.  Unfortunately for Williams, the rape case is not a very good argument as the case was later dismissed.  It may well have never even happened.  Or at least not have been an actual rape (it involved digital penetration).

Now, it seems incredible to me that anyone claiming to be a woman would ever make an argument that other, uh, natal women are as much of a threat as men are.  Of course women fight with each other.  And of course such fights might even occur in the ladies room.  But that is not really the issue;  The issue is sexual violence, which overwhelming involves men, whether it is rape, or some other form including voyeurism.

As I say, you can't make this stuff up...not that I would want to. 

Oh, and a simple solution to the bathroom issue.  Access to the women's room should be available only to those who are in transition, seeking surgery, on hormones, and who are living full time,  It could be linked to changes of identification, which should be time limited.  If the person is not making progress towards surgery, they would revert to an 'M' on their ID and be banned from the women's room.  Simple.  And fair.  If you are a crossdresser, find a family room or a place with a single, one person bathroom and stay out of places you don't belong.  And this includes full time crossdressers with "neo-clits" like "Monica" Roberts.


Not your friend said...

I don't think she gets much traffic on that blog. the images are blurry and the font she selected is hard to read.

Stupid is
as stupid does.

Alison said...

I would think a transsexual woman like yourself would have more insight into the fact that not everyone subscribes to the gender binary.

It seems to me that you are the one acting like a fascist, seeking to deny rights to anyone who doesn't meet your exact definition of what it means to be TS.

I was born intersex, raised as a male but never identified with that gender. I live as a woman, I am a lesbian, I have a penis and no desire to get rid of it, are you going to deny me bathroom access too?

Really it doesn't matter in my case because you nor anyone else would ever 'clock' me as long as my panties are on, but I care because I know there are others like me who are not fortunate to be so passable.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, first off, I am a woman, not a "transsexual woman." Got it? No modifiers. Second, I am well aware that not everyone subscribes to the gender binary, but I do and personally, I think those who do not are, well, full of crap,

Now, someone who claims to be a transsexual, but who wants to keep their penis is either lying, or deluded. What they are not, is a transsexual. Transsexuals seek to change their sex. See, it is really very simple. Trans means change, and sexual refers to, yes you guessed it, sex. Change sex, not change how they dress. That would be a transvestite, which, if you are dressing, and pretending to live, as a woman is what you actually are. Now, whether or not you are passable with your panties on is of little significance. In fact, the fact that you are "passing" is pretty much an admission that you are not a woman, but are a man, since women don't pass as women, they are women. Again, simple. Sorry "Alison,: but you really are, based on your own words, simply a man pretending to be a woman, You have a penis, you wish to keep it, so, yes, you have no business in the women's room. You are, simply put, a straight male transvestite. You don't mean any legitimate definition of what it means to be TS. I know you don't like that, but tough. You are, well, what you are. You insult real transsexuals when you try to co-opt our experience and claim to be one. So, I will ask nicely, please stop yourself, and others.