Friday, August 26, 2011


A while back, I wrote a post where I coined the term "club words" to describe things that transgender activists use to beat up on their opponents.  Well, there was a very important one I missed, though it was implied in some of the others...hate.  

In a response to "Cristan" Williams' post about what he termed "The Jennifer Shuffle," which could basically be described as me out-arguing him (he got mad because I would not let him limit the terms of the discussion) someone posted this in reference to me:
Isn't it funny how so many people in the trans community have mental and emotional issues? Self-hatred is the root cause of why those people hate others.
Well, I do have to agree with the first statement, to a point.  Yes, there are some seriously mentally ill people in the "trans community."  Of course, this person completely ignores the fact that I am not a member of that community.  But that is just typical transgender.  In their view, you will be forced under the umbrella whether you like it, or not.

Beyond that, it just gets worse.  First off, I certainly don't hate myself.  I got over my self-hatred when I began transition.  Of course, when someone, such as the person here, Kalina Isato, is a full time cross dresser (even though the person claims to be a transsexual, it is clear that they are not) I would imagine they would not really understand this.  And that brings us to the heart of the matter.

This person accuses me of hating others.  Now, let me say, I don't hate anyone.  I may dislike some people, but I don't hate them.  I tend to view "hate" in a very specific manner.  If you hate someone, you, at the very least, wish them undeserved harm, and at the most extreme wish them to be destroyed.  Now, I say undeserved harm.  I don't believe it is necessarily hate to desire for someone to be punished for a crime, or denied something they are not legally entitled to.   For example, I do not wish for "Autumn" Sandeen to be denied his desired change to his birth certificate out of hatred, but simply because he is seeking to engage in a legal fraud.

I don't wish anyone undeserved harm.  I do not, for example, want to see someone get bashed by someone.  I do not wish to see anyone murdered, or such.  I also do not wish anyone to be persecuted by their employer.  I would not out someone who stealth, just because I disagree with them,  On the other hand, I have been the victim of some who have sought such things.  And yet, I am the one who is accused of hatred.

So, what do transgender extremists mean when they say "hate."  What is so horrible that it warrants this term?  What does a group have to do to earn the label "hate group" from these people?  That's just have to disagree with their extremist views.  It can be as simple as saying "I am not transgender."  Or it may be expressing disdain for "men in dresses."

It is really that simple.  If you don't buy into their silliness...  If you don't totally agree with even the most extreme demands of the transgender activists... If you don't believe that a man becomes a woman simply because he says, "I am a woman now"...  If you don't believe that the simple act of cross dressing allows one to invade women's space... If you don't pander to their delusions...  Well, then you must be a hater.

So, no, I don't hate anyone, though I am no doubt hated by some.  And that is really the bottom line.  They have to accuse others of hatred, so they can excuse their own hatred.  

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Not your friend said...

They throw hate words at you I and others because they have nothing else to fight back with.