Thursday, August 11, 2011

Battle of the Legends (Well, At Least Legends In Their Own Minds)

When asked about my politics, I often joke that I am a member of the Radical Middle, the Extreme Center...  I say this because I find that politics is often driven by the extremes, which I do believe is unfortunate.  Granted, living in San Francisco I have to avoid the term "moderate" which is code for "conservative."  You see, conservative is a bad word here.  Instead of Left and Right, we have "progressives" and "moderates."  Basically, a progressive is someone who believes in treating human beings with a modicum of decency and respect, and a moderate is someone who wants to punish people for having the audacity to be poor in San Francisco.  But they both, strongly, support gay rights.  But I digress...  Oh, and I guess the above makes me a progressive...

Recently a war has erupted between two of the radical extremes of the online world.  "Cristan" Williams, the radical gender fascist who posts at "EHIPASSIKO" and "Woman Born Transsexual" Suzan Cooke are going at it.  This is all very interesting given that about two years ago, Cooke was making a major effort to cozy up to the transgender crowd, suggesting something of a truce where "transsexual and transgender" would coexist in a cozy separate but equal utopia.  Things went sour a few months ago, and Cooke now rants about the "Transgender Borg" and "Transgender, Inc."  Williams, on the other hand, makes silly jokes about the Swedish Chef..."Borg, Borg, Borg."  

Truth be told, I obviously come closer to agreeing with Cooke, but I find both of them to be rather amusing.  Cooke is so far left in terms of politics that she has become something of a caricature.  It is really hard to take much of anything she says seriously.  And she clearly has some issues with insecurity, so I admit, I feel a bit sorry for her.

Williams on the other hand, while also amusing in the same way that "Dyssonance" is (they are very similar in style), is also more than a bit obnoxious...well, in the same way that "Dyssonance" is.  They both think if they just keep forcing their points of view, they will wear people down.  And, of course, Williams seems to be a close friend of "Monica" Roberts, who has recently become embroiled in a controversy over some violent threats which he seemed to encourage.  Roberts, of course, is well known for being an extreme bigot.  Ironically, Cooke has been known to kowtow to Roberts as well.  In fact, if I am not mistaken, Cooke used to link to Roberts' blog.

Watching these two go at each other is rather amusing.  Neither is going to give an inch, and both are stubborn as mules.  Neither is above lowering themselves to personal attacks at the slightest provocation.  I suspect we will hear more from them in future.

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