Friday, October 2, 2009

I've Got to Ask....

What is the deal with "Autumn" Sandeen and "weiners?" I mean, several times a week, Mr. Sandeen does an article he calls "This and That," and everyone of them has his "Wiener story of the day." Some of them seem to be pretty boring stuff that he digs up to fit the theme, while others seem to play off of the sexual innuendo that one can derive from the subject.

Now, Mr. Sandeen claims to be a "lesbian," so I would not think that he has any intererest in male genitalia as, shall we say, a "consumer." So, again, what is the deal?

I suspect this is just some immature humor on the part of an autogynephile who is getting all giggly, and perhaps a bit nervous at the idea of actually giving up a certain body part. In any case, it is a rather bizarre thing, but not really that surprising. I remember one author taking delight in his fellow "transgender" hosting a weiner roast right before his surgery. A truly sick joke that only a man who is making something of a mistake might find joy in.

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Anonymous said...

If you ever find an answer to that, please let the rest of us know.